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    Where in the World is Bette?

    Before Alice can finish, Michelle walks away from the table and quickly exits.

    Alice points towards the exit and shakes her head. “What the fuck was that?”

    Dana shrugs. “I don’t know, but something is obviously going on….”

    Shane leans back heavily in her chair. “Pretty sure I know….”


    Kit yawns as she walks out of her bedroom. “Hey Siri…. play my Saturday morning mix….” She says as she tightens the belt of her robe and walks into the kitchen.

     Kit turns on her coffee maker and smiles when Happy Feelings by Frankie Beverly and Maze plays. She hums and lazily sways to the music as she bounces around the kitchen, preparing to cook herself breakfast. Just as she takes the eggs out of the refrigerator, she hears loud, continuous banging on her door.

    “What the hell?” She mumbles, sitting the carton of eggs on the counter, and slowly walks into the living room.

    “Who is it?” Kit yells toward the door. She waits for a few beats, but the person doesn’t respond.

    “You got until I get to my sidekick chillin’ in my desk drawer to identify yourself, or you’re about to have a very bad day….” Kit warns.

    “Kit?” Michelle softly says.

    Kit sighs in relief. “Michelle?” She says as she hurries over to open the door. “Girl? What are you doing banging on my door like that? I—” Kit’s voice trails off when she sees the chaotic and devastated state that Michelle is in. “What’s going on?”

    Michelle looks at Kit as tears fall down her face……




    Twenty minutes later, Kit is sitting at the kitchen table across from Michelle; all sympathy she had earlier is gone after Michelle’s emotional confession and depiction of what had happened the previous night.

    Michelle dabs her eyes with a napkin. “Anyway, I went back by the house this morning, and her car was gone…. I thought maybe she was here….”

    Kit leans back in her chair and folds her arms. “Well, she’s not; this is the first I’ve heard about all this drama…. although I’m not all that surprised…”

    Michelle looks at Kit expectantly.

    Kit smirks and folds her arms. “Is this the same woman you’re always texting and giggling with whenever you come to The Planet?”

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    1. Thanks for the chapter… I’m not sure what Michelle is expecting to happen once she finds Bette. She has to know that Bette is angry and has every right to be angry and a conversation with Michelle some 12 hours after throwing her out of the house will not make anything better. If I were Michelle, I would get a “go between” to do my communicating at least until things become a little less volatile. In the mean time, she needs to figure out where she is going to live and what about Mickey?

      What a mess…

    2. Michelle, Michelle, MICHELLE is still on the BS and in full blown panic!!!! You might want to steer clear of Bette for a minute and let someone be a go between for you as someone stated in the comments! She should have shut that shit down with Ava, but she liked ALL THE ATTENTION and flirting!!!

      Bette just needed to get away for a minute, now that Kit and the Gang all know what is going on. Tina know the pain the Bette is feeling…. that damn Karma!

      Alice about ready to call the FBI!!!! (hahaha)

      Thanks for the update!

    3. Bette seems very firm in her reaction and just like Tina at the time, with no alternative but to cut off the relationship no matter how painful it may be.
      I really can’t wait know what’s next, and what the new dynamic will be

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