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    White Heat

    “Spread your legs.”

    Bette’s eyes glazed over, quivering at the sound of Tina talking dirty to her. She moved her head into Tina’s neck, spreading her legs wider, sighing as Tina’s hand slid into her center.

    Tina glided her fingers between Bette’s folds, pinching her swollen clit. “You’re so swollen, baby.”

    She continued doing figure eights over and around the sensitive nub, feeling a twinge between her own legs. She plunged two fingers into the brunette, pulling out and then entering her again harder. After a few thrusts she straddled Bette’s thigh, rubbing her clit against it as she fucked Bette.

    “Oh my god, Tinaaa.”

    “You feel so good, babe.”

    “Don’t stop.”

    “I miss fucking you, feeling you come on my fingers, clenching around me.”

    “I’m close, so close.”

    Tina moved her thumb over Bette’s clit slapping it with each thrust. Tina’s hips kept the same rhythm on Bette’s thigh. Bette held onto Tina by her ass, watching her expression as she rocked closer to her face with every thrust.


    Bette licked Tina’s lips. “Come with me, T.”

    Tina increased her power into Bette, curling and twisting her fingers until she could barely move them at all. Bette’s walls clenched. She let out a mangled moan a few seconds before Tina fell into her chest. Both women panting into each other’s necks.

    Bette plunged her tongue into Tina’s mouth, still hungry, as she turned them around. Tina facing the wall, her back to Bette’s front, she pressed into Bette’s breasts rubbing against her erect nipples. Bette reached down, immediately entering Tina. Tina shuddered, overwhelmed with sensitivity.

    “I just want to ravage you, Tina.”

    Tina reached back for Bette, wrapping her arm around the brunette’s head.“Mmm. Fuck. Me…Fast.”

    Bette moved in and out of Tina with reckless abandon. She devoured Tina’s neck, tasting her sweet skin that tasted like coconut and honey. “I need to taste you again, T. Get out of the pool.”

    Tina lifted herself out, and brought her wet ass to the edge.

    “Wrap your legs around my head.”

    Tina was already rocking back and forth before Bette even touched her. “Oh my…I can’t wait.”

    Bette licked her lips at the sight before her eyes. Tina, her Tina, spread wide open in front of her. Wet, pink, ready, waiting. She slid her fingers between her folds, Tina moved her finger to her own clit.

    “No.” Bette pushed Tina’s hand away. “Let me take care of you.” Bette pressed her fingertips on Tina’s clit rolling the swollen ball as she kissed each of Tina’s thighs. “Is that what you have to do to get off with other people, Tina? You need to touch yourself?”

    Tina coiled, a flash of intensity shooting through her body. She loved jealous Bette. She smiled down at the woman with her tongue to her pussy.

    “Yes, I am jealous,” Bette snarked before plunging her tongue into Tina. Tina grabbed the back of Bette’s hair, digging her fingers into her head. Tina’s head fell back, her body arching, hips writhing against Bette’s face.

    “Fuck, deeper.”

    Bette’s mouth moved furiously over Tina’s pussy, her tongue twisting inside, lapping each fold, her lips sucking her clit. She brought one hand to Tina’s waist trying to hold Tina in place. The other hand reached up for the blonde’s neck. She wrapped her fingers around the soft, flushed flesh. “Would you ever let Kate choke you, Tina?”

    Tina held Bette’s hand over her neck, squeezing her hand tighter against her as she gently shook her head no. Bette released her throat, and Tina whimpered Just you trying to find her breath. Tina was at the point of no return. She lay flat against the cement, her legs over Bette’s shoulders, her hands holding her own boobs. Only her hips moved up and down as Bette fed on her favorite meal. With a final bellowing howl from Tina, Bette got out of the pool, grabbed a towel and lay next to her. Bette wrapped her arms around her, bringing Tina’s head into her chest while draping the towel over them.

    They held each other naked, dripping wet, exhausted.

    Tina kissed the underside of Bette’s chin, “It’s always been just you.”

    Bette leaned down and kissed the top of Tina’s head. “Just you, just you.”


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