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    White Heat

    Tina lifted Angie out of the pool and into Bette’s arms. “You go with Mama B?”“Mama B…”

    “Yea, mama bumblebee. We do nappies.”

    Their hands touched as Bette wrapped Angie in the towel. Tina hid her face under their daughter, purposefully letting her fingers linger innocently over Bette’s wrist.

    The spark was instantaneous. The simple graze of Bette’s soft skin made the hairs on the back of Tina’s neck stand up.

    How does she still do that to me?

    Bette always felt any physical contact that occurred with Tina. She welcomed the inadvertent brush of their hands when they passed their daughter between them. It’s happened countless times since they’ve been split up. To Bette, it’s always a reminder of a connection that could never be broken. But in this moment Tina’s wet fingers lolled a second longer than they should have along the underside of her wrist.

    “Are you ready, baby?” Bette’s breath inaudibly paused. It was a question she meant for Angelica but one that Tina so often answered after a gentle touch in the past.

    Bette quickly recovered. “Yea, nighttime for nappies. I’ll be right back out.”

    Is she flirting with me?

    This was the second time this week Bette pondered the possibility. The other night at The Planet, Tina approached her at the bar while waiting for her drink. Bette side eyed Tina standing next to her, a blue halter dress hugging her body as she leaned over the bar for a napkin. She couldn’t ignore the effect of Tina’s recent workout regimen. She wanted to say something but refrained.

    When Bette’s Manhattan was placed in front of her, Tina told the bartender, “I’ll have what she’s having.”

    “Wow, that’s quite a shift for you,” Bette interjected.

    “Ah, I’m feeling a bit risky. Trying new things. Besides, I always did like the way your mouth tasted after one.” Bette’s eyebrows shot up in response but Tina had turned toward the bartender. “Thank you,” Tina smiled when she took the drink.

    Bette was overcome by Tina when she turned back to her. Her beauty, and also her last comment, rendered Bette speechless. Bette never failed to notice the light that emanated from her former partner. Even during the darkest of their days, Tina still glowed with a special magic that Bette felt was reserved only for her. And even after all the pain, she still missed smelling her blonde hair, kissing those pink, luscious lips, and playing with her soft hands.

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