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    Worth Holding On Too Chapter 119

    6 months later…

    “Andrew!” Sam shouted

    “Don’t want to speak to you, every time I see you I want to punch you in the face!” Andrew continued to walk

    “I’m still you commanding officer”

    “No you’re an ass” Andrew stopped facing him “I know you haven’t told Carmen Jess is pregnant, her fucking wife might I add, have you any idea how horrendous this pregnancy has been for Jess, her wife should be there with her!”

    “The mission is complete, Carmen is being debriefed and should be home within the hour” Sam said


    “However just so you know you will be assigned a new partner”

    “If Carmen’s back why can’t I still have her?”

    “Carmen’s been promoted to detective as has Kenzie so they will be moving to special investigation…Your friends have had a very tough 6 months and friendly faces are what they need” Sam said walking away from Andrew

    Andrew took out his phone quickly ringing Lisa.

    “Hey Lis she’s due back in an hour”

    “Jess is here she didn’t leave” Lisa said confused

    “No Carmen you idiot”

    “What seriously…shit what do we do?”

    “I don’t know but you better tell Bette and Tina” Andrew stated “I got to go I need to let Declan know”

    Lisa hung up her phone and looked as if she wanted to throw up, she looked over to her sleeping sister and got up of the sofa walking towards Bette and Tina’s bedroom.

    She knocked on the door

    “Is it safe to come in?” Lisa asked walking in the room with her hand covering her eyes

    “What the hell are you doing?” Bette laughed

    Bette was lying on the bed with her kindle whilst Tina was standing ironing at the other end of the room.

    “So I just got a phone call from Andrew, Carmen is due home within the hour” Lisa said

    “What…ouch shit…?” Tina said dropping the iron and shaking her hand

    “Where is Jess?”


    “Good leave her sleeping” Bette said getting up off the bed and going over to check Tina’s hand

    Bette looked at Tina’s hand and then took her into the bathroom running it over cold water

    “You heard what the doctor said any stress then she can lose the baby, it’s already got that heart problem you guys had” Lisa panicked

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