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    Worth Holding On Too Chapter 120

    “Where are Carmen’s keys for the Porche and McLaren?” Bette asked

    “In the bowl why?” Lisa looked at Bette confused and then looked at Tina who was also confused.

    “Because like Jess Carmen is a runner so it won’t surprise me if one goes one way and the other goes the other”

    “True” Tina agreed

    “Why are you having a group discussion in the hallway?” Jess asked standing behind them looking exhausted “Mama my head is killing me can I have pain killers, i.e. strong ones”

    Just as Jess finished the sentence Andrew and Carmen walked in the door.

    “Surprise!” Lisa said nervously

    “I have a feeling my headache is about to get a whole lot worse” Jess muttered

    Lisa looked at her best friend searching for answers and then looked at Andrew who shook his head.

    “I know you all have some questions but can I have 5 minutes with Jess” Carmen asked not taking her eyes off Jess who was looking everywhere apart from Carmen.

    “I think I’ll pass” Jess said

    “Jess please”

    “Carmen Jess isn’t supposed to get stressed so can we just leave it till she’s ready” Lisa said

    “Is everything okay? What’s happened? Is your heart okay?” Carmen asked

    Andrew closed his eyes as did Lisa waiting on Jess’s reply to that one.

    “My heart’s great never been better, just feels like you ripped it out my chest and jumped on it repeatedly but other than that it’s serving it’s purpose” Jess snapped looking at Carmen for the first time since she stepped in the house

    “Babe please just hear me out” Carmen said

    “Don’t call me that and don’t come near me” Jess said turning and walking…

    “Lift use it!” Lisa said noticing Jess was heading for the stairs

    Lisa turned her attention back to Carmen

    “I don’t know wither I want to hug you or punch you” Lisa said

    “Well I’d prefer the hug if I’m honest” Carmen sighed

    Bette studied her daughter in law closely; she looked deflated and broken in a sense.

    “So Carmen got promoted” Andrew said not knowing what else to say “She’s now a Detective for Special investigation”

    “All this for a promotion are you fucking kidding me?” Lisa snapped

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    1. Ooh man, what a mess again. I would punched that asshole too, especially because he lied that Jess was well when she wasn’t.

      I am hopeful that they work this out and that the baby will be fine, after getting the care it needs for the heart.

      Thanks for the quick update!

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