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    Worth Holding On Too Chapter 118

    Bette walked into the lounge lifting her laptop bag

    “Do you have to go to work?” Jess sighed looking up at Bette

    “Baby I only need to go in till 1pm then I’ll come home, Mum will be home about 12”

    “No she won’t she’s working till 6 with Lisa and Jace is away training at the gym, Andrew is working, Mason is…I don’t even know where he is and I haven’t told the guys I’m pregnant yet” Jess admitted

    “Jess it’s getting a bit much to hide, your tummy is providing a problem with it’s growing” Bette smirked

    “I know it’s annoying me, I had to squeeze into this hoodie this morning” Jess snapped “I also did something reckless last night”

    “Explain” Bette sat next to Jess

    “Well I got slightly angry and took Mason’s baseball bat to Carmen’s range rover” Jess stated “I thought it would make me feel better but it didn’t”

    “Jess!” Bette scolded

    “I know I know, I’ll get it fixed”

    “How the hell did you not get arrested?” Bette queried knowing fine well Carmen’s car was at the station

    “Andrew gave them all a death stare” Jess sighed

    “He can’t keep saving your ass” Bette stated “Your lucky, criminal damage would not look good on your record”

    “To be fair it’s technically my car too, she’s married to me!”

    “Doesn’t work like that” Bette laughed

    “I miss her mama, I miss her voice, I miss the way she looks after me, I miss waking up to her beside me” Jess said quietly a tear running down her face

    Bette looked at her daughter before standing up and taking out her phone.

    “Jodie, hi it’s Bette listen I’m not going to make it in today I have this headache I cant seem to shift and I don’t want to take it out on the kids, yeah I’m sure a few paracetamol and some sleep will help…absolutely anything just get me on my phone” Bette hung up her phone and took her jacket off sitting on the sofa and opening her arms for Jess to crawl in.

    Jess lay with her head lying on Bette’s legs and facing Bette’s tummy as Bette stroked her head.

    “I put everything into our marriage this time, I sacrificed so much and for what, her to walk away?”

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