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    Worth Holding On Too Chapter 121

    “So is it safe to like leave you both in the same room?” Andrew smirked

    “Shut up Andrew” Jess smirked

    “Let’s leave them too it” Bette said taking Tina’s hand “Let’s go Lisa”

    “Yup, I’m right next door Jess, like within shouting distance” Lisa said glaring at Carmen

    Jess rolled her eyes at her sister “Goodbye Lisa”

    “I’m going to head home, Carmen I’ll leave the door open incase…well”

    “You can lock the door Andrew she lives here” Jess stated looking straight at Carmen

    “Okay then…glad we sorted that I mean phew that was playing on my mind all day” Andrew rambled “So I’ll leave you too it”

    Jess stood at one end of the kitchen, Carmen stood at the other.

    “So…” Jess stated “I guess now I don’t need to stay confined to the house”

    Carmen raised her eyebrow at Jess

    “No-one knows I’m pregnant, I’ve been here for nearly 3 month paranoid paparazzi caught a glimpse of me, I felt it was unfair you found out through the media” Jess admitted

    “Jess I don’t even know what to say to you, I don’t know where to start” Carmen said locking eyes with Jess

    “Are you home?”

    “Yes I’m going nowhere I promise”

    “Good to know” Jess sighed

    “Jess you need to believe me when I say this…if I’d have known I wouldn’t have went, I had no idea, when we did the test it was negative and…”

    “The test was wrong” Jess snapped feeling the anger build up again

    “I don’t think there’s anything you could say that would make me feel better about the situation right now, I’m glad your home and I’m glad your safe but right now I have no idea where we stand”

    “What’s that supposed to mean” Carmen looked at Jess

    “It means I don’t trust you Carmen, you literally broke me and I don’t know if you can fix this” Jess sighed letting her tears fall

    “Baby I love you so much and I know you love me” Carmen walked closer to Jess but stopped when jess held out her hand

    “Please just let me breath, I’m not denying I love you because god you know how much I do but I don’t think that’s enough anymore”

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    1. Wow indeed! I am shocked, Jess and the baby have a chance of fifty fifty to survive or die. Absolutely a horrible thought.

      You mentioned Carmen was in Holland to catch those bastards. It is where i live and it is absolutely horrible to think that people do such things with children in your country or anywhere else. Sadly it still happen over the whole world.

      I deeply respect that you write about it in your story, but not only about this but other important issues.

      Thanks for the update!

    2. The odds are gonna so not bein JESS’ favor or will they?One mistake and there will be nothing worth holding on for.JESS made the decision and now it appears to have been the wrong one or was it?Jess needs a miracle to pull this off and i hope she gets one.THANKS,ps

    3. Merciful heavens! That is just the most horrific news for anyone to hear, let alone having to live with it for eight months and not tell anyone, then that is the first thing your wife learns from the doctor then the parents have to learn about it after all this time. I’m surprised that shaking was all that happened to Tina, and it isn’t over yet. Surely you will bring both baby and mom thru safely. Great update. Thanks for posting.

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