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    Worth Holding On Too Chapter 122

    “Why the hell would you do this?” Lisa ranted pacing up a down Jess and Carmen’s bedroom “Tell you something Jess you just unintentionally kicked the shit right out your wife because you have actually floored her with this stunt!”

    Lisa looked at her sister and then threw her hands up in the air “Or ignore everything I’m saying whatever suits”

    “What do you want me to say?” Jess sighed rubbing her hand along her tummy

    “Oh I don’t know the fact that you’re so selfish and self-absorbed and have no consideration for anyone else other than yourself!” Lisa snapped “Have you any idea what you have done Jess…We can’t lose you!”

    “You’re not going to lose me you idiot”

    “Have you any idea how serious this actually is?” Lisa stopped again looking at Jess

    “Will you stop fucking pacing you’re making me feel sick”

    “Is this you trying to get back at Carmen for leaving?” Lisa asked

    “No off course it isn’t”

    “Then what is this all about?” Lisa asked folding her arms

    “What if this baby was the only thing I had left of her?” Jess snapped sitting up “For all I knew she’d left me for someone else or she was fucking dead, I had no clue! None!”


    “No Lisa you’ve said enough, my head is thumping”

    “You need to speak to your wife, I’ve seen Carmen angry, hurt, deflated, scared but she is fucking terrified of losing you and that’s not fair, you also need to explain to mum and mama why you took this decision without speaking to them because to be honest your child is inside you but your theirs!” Lisa stormed out the room

    Lisa stormed downstairs into the lounge

    “You okay?” Jace asked

    “No I’m fucking furious at her, she is so unbelievably stubborn she has no clue about the seriousness of this” Lisa snapped

    “Is she going to die?” Mason asked cutting straight to the point

    “I hope not” Lisa sighed “I don’t know Mason I have no idea”

    “What about the baby?” Mason asked

    “Again I don’t know” Lisa looked at Jace “I need to get out of here can we go a drive or something”

    “Sure” Jace got up taking his wife’s hand “We can go wherever you want”

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    1. Really glad that part is over and done. Gee, Jess is so stubborn. So wish she would remember that talking never hurt anyone and with a bit of talking to your loved ones can solve a myriad of problems. Now, on to the next chapter or next crisis. Thanks for posting.

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