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    Worth Holding On Too Chapter 124

    Carmen sat in the chaplaincy of the hospital, unsure why she even ended up there. She was holding her phone in her hands looking at a picture of her and Jess on their wedding day, her eyes were puffy and red from crying.

    “Mum…dad I’ve never asked you for anything in my whole entire life…but I’m begging you please don’t take her from me…She’s everything to me, she’s my strength, and we have a beautiful daughter who needs her, I need her” Carmen sat talking away to no-one in particular “Jess is everyone’s backbone, she’s the only one not scared to say it how it is, she’s stubborn and particular and a nightmare at times but she’s my nightmare and I wouldn’t change a single thing about her…I’ve loved her since the first time I laid eyes on her, she is the only person who can make my heart pound right out my chest” Carmen laughed a little “And she knows it too, she plays on it, I’ve already said goodbye to you both Please don’t make me say goodbye to her because I honestly don’t think I could come back from that” Carmen let herself fall apart

    “Hi…Where’s Carmen?”

    “She was with you wasn’t she?” Bette asked standing up

    “There was a complication” Callie said coming in and closing the door

    “What complication, where’s my sister?” Lisa asked standing up

    Tina sat holding her breath unaware she was doing so, Alice and Dana both took a hand each. Andrew stood up and Bette looked as if she was about to throw up.

    “Jess crashed in the O.R we had to ask Carmen to leave”

    “Callie where’s my daughter?” Bette said shakily

    “She’s in recovery but it’s touch and go at the minute, she was gone for 20 minutes, I managed to get her back but things are not good right now” Callie explained

    “The baby?” Lisa asked

    “Baby is okay, were going to operate tomorrow once Carmen gives consent, congratulations you have a beautiful  granddaughter”  Callie hugged Bette and then kneeled down beside Tina “She’s okay for now”

    “Thank you” Tina somehow managed to get out as the tears fell down her face

    “I’m going to go find Carmen” Andrew said

    “I’ll help let’s go” Callie smiled getting up

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