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    Worth Holding On Too Chapter 123

    Carmen woke to the sound of Jess being sick, she leaped out of bed in record breaking time making her way into the bathroom.

    “Baby?” Carmen said kneeling down pulling Jess’s hair back with one hand rubbing her back with the other “I’m here, I’m not going anywhere”

    10 mins later Jess relaxed letting herself lean back into Carmen’s arms.

    “Who’s idea was it for me to carry again?” Jess said causing Carmen to laugh

    “I believe it was yours actually” Carmen said kissing Jess’s head

    “Never again Carmen, honest to god” Jess took a deep breath standing up “I’m going to go for a shower and get organised before I need to go to the hospital, you coming with me?”

    “Are you even asking me that question” Carmen shook her head “I’ve missed enough appointments don’t you think”

    “Okay then” Jess sighed turning on the shower

    “I’ll go sort out clothes and make you some breakfast” Carmen said looking Jess “You okay?”

    “I am now” Jess smiled softly

    Carmen kissed the top of her head “Leave the door open please, just so I know you’re okay”

    “Yes mama” Jess joked

    Carmen rolled her eyes leaving the bathroom and going into her wardrobe. She smiled thinking that it was good to have her actual clothes back and not just smart clothes, she had her casual stuff too making her feel better.

    She sorted out clothes for her and Jess and then made her way downstairs to make some breakfast for Jess.

    “Hey” Carmen smiled running her hands through her hair

    “Morning” Bette smiled back “Did you finally get to sleep?”

    “Yeah being back in my own bed helped a lot” Carmen smiled putting bread in the toaster “I’m going to the hospital with her if you want a break”

    “Actually Tina and I are both going we took the time off just so we can hear what’s being said, so I’ll drive” Bette smiled

    “Yeah okay”

    “She awake?”

    “Yeah I woke up to here being sick, I don’t think I’ve moved as fast in all my life, safe to say I’m wide awake now” Carmen said

    “MAMA!” Lisa screamed causing Carmen to drop what she was doing and Bette to jump from the seat rushing up the stairs

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