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    Worth Holding On Too Chapter 125

    “Okay so, Arizona is going to take you from me pretty soon, I need you to behave yourself in there, don’t let your Mama wash of on you” Carmen said kissing her daughter’s head “Besides my heart cannot take anymore, you’d think I was the one with the heart defect at this rate”

    “Carmen I need to take her now” Arizona said softly “I promise you I will keep you updated”

    “Okay” Carmen said tears falling from her face and taking a deep breath “I’ll be with Mama till you get back then I’ll come give you some more kisses” Carmen kissed her daughter’s head one more time before handing her back to Arizona

    Lisa walked forward taking her best friends and sister in laws hand “She’s going to be okay, they both are”

    “Yep so everyone keeps telling me” Carmen said as Arizona left the room with Jess and Carmen’s baby

    “Mum and Mama are with Jess why don’t you go home get a shower and some sleep?” Lisa suggested

    “That’s a joke right?”

    “No it wasn’t but I knew your response before I asked, it was worth a try” Lisa said “They’re going to be in the OR for at least 6 hours you heard them”

    “And what if something goes wrong and I’m not here?” Carmen asked

    “Then I’m here so is my mum and mama” Lisa said

    “I can’t go home, I get your only trying to look out for me Lisa but I can’t leave here”

    “That’s okay I support that, I’d be the same” Lisa smiled rubbing her best friends shoulder “Let’s go back to Jess’s room”

    Carmen walked into Jess’s room with Lisa behind her. Jace was standing with Liam in his arms and Bette and Tina sat at either side of Jess.

    Liam automatically put his arms out for Lisa “Mummy”

    “Hey buddy did you have fun at grans house?” Lisa asked taking her son

    Liam nodded

    “So Auntie Jess is feeling very poorly at the minute but do you know what would make her feel super better?” Lisa asked looking at her son

    Liam shook his head

    “If you give her a big kiss on her cheek, you know how much she likes your kisses and cuddles” Lisa smiled walking over to Jess and holding Liam over her so he could kiss her cheek.

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    1. I still have faith that you let Jess alive. But you love to torture us and gives us heartaches.

      But i forgive you as in time you will give us happier times with this amazing family.

      It is good to see that they are there for each other and have great friends who support them.

      Thanks for the quick update!

    2. Just caught up with the last few chapters, what a rollercoaster ride and it isn’t over yet. Hopefully they will both be okay. Surely you will leave them be and everyone will be happy. Jess is the backbone of the story, so please let her and baby pull through. Great updates. Thanks for posting so quickly each time.

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