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    Worth Holding On Too Chapter 126

    One week later…

    Carmen was sitting in the baby unit nursing her daughter when Lisa came skidding in the room out of breath. Carmen jumped alarmed putting her daughter back in the crib.

    “Lisa what’s wrong? Is it Jess is she okay?” Carmen panicked

    “She’s awake, she’s looking for you” Lisa managed to get out holding her sides “I’m definitely not the healthy fit twin!” Lisa muttered to herself as Carmen was already out the room racing towards Jess’s room

    Bette and Tina were fussing over Jess when she reached the door. Callie was trying to get them to give Jess some room. Carmen burst into floods of tears the minute she seen Jess’s eyes.

    “Haven’t you did that enough this week” Jess smiled weakly her voice barely reaching Carmen’s ears

    “You scare the absolute shit out me and the first think you do is mock me Jess?” Carmen laughed wiping her eyes walking over to Jess and leaning down and kissing Jess softly

    “Just so you know I was fully aware of everything this week, your all a bunch of softies who declared your love for me”

    “And your ego isn’t getting any smaller” Callie mutter making everyone laugh

    “I’m pretty sure you were close to it too Cal” Jess smiled

    “Hey you’ve caused me and my wife to have heated discussions all week over you” Callie smirked

    Jess’s head was beginning to catch up with her; she was beginning to register what was going on when her eyes started scanning the room.

    “Carmen” Jess’s voice laced in anxiety

    “The baby is okay” Carmen said taking Jess’s hand “I’ve just left there”

    Jess sighed with relief as her own emotions began to take over her.

    “Hey hey no crying, you’ll cause these machines to beep and you’ve given everyone enough heart attacks this week”

    “Baby we have a daughter, she’s beautiful and yeah she’s ours” Carmen smiled

    “A girl?” Jess said shocked “Wow erm okay”

    “You don’t seem excited” Carmen said looking at her wife

    “I totally expected a boy” Jess smiled “A girl is good, a mini me, I can deal with that”

    “Oh dear god” Tina muttered

    “All the names we thought of were boys” Jess smirked at Carmen

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