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    Worth Holding On Too Chapter 128

    ”4 week suspension unpaid are you absolute kidding me?” Carman said into her phone pacing up and down ”I’m not worried about Andrew I’m absolutely livid who the hell does he think he is? Yes I know that…yes okay I’ll speak to you later bye” Carmen put her phone back in her pocket and then made her way back to Jess and Alycia.

    ”Is he okay?” Jess asked looking at her wife
    ”Yeah he got suspended unpaid” Carmen said sitting down sighing
    ”He’ll be fine” Jess said ”he thought he’d get suspended anyway”
    ”I know but still a month is ridiculous” Carmen stated lifting Alycia and preparing a bottle. Jess was watching her every move.
    Carmen smiled at her wife ”What?”
    ”You have this baby stuff down. It’s cute to watch” Jess smiled
    ”So will you babe, your just weak at the minute” Carmen said
    ”Yes I know it’s slightly irritating, can’t wait to get home to our own bed” Jess yawned ”I did ask Mama to bring me some strawberries and grapes”
    ”Baby when Callie said keeping food down I think she meant something a little more substantial and not fruit”
    ”Yeah but I can’t force myself to eat, If I manage to keep the fruit down that’s a start and then hopefully they will take this stupid tube out” Jess explained
    ”Yes okay”

    Bette and Tina walked in going over and both kissing Jess on the head and sitting down at the other side of her.

    ”How you feeling?” Bette asked putting the strawberries and grapes on the table ”Brought you Cherry Cola too although I don’t know how you drink the stuff”
    ”Yeah just sore” Jess yawned ”thank you”
    ”You have a little more colour about you today” Tina said
    ”Yeah Callie said her vitals are looking good” Carmen added
    ”Hi Guys” Arizona smiled coming in the room ”Just checking out this little cutie”
    Arizona busied herself check Alycia and then turned to Jess.
    ”How are you?”
    ”Yep” Jess said ”Over this place, want home”
    ”I can’t comment on that, but what I can say is Alycia can go home whenever, I’m happy with her progress and I’ll continue to see her monthly” Arizona said
    ”She’s not going home without me” Jess stated straight away looking at Carmen
    ”That’s fine baby that’s your decision to make” Carmen said
    ”Let me speak to Callie and see what her plans are” Arizona smiled

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