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    Worth Holding On Too Chapter 128

    ”Need some help?”
    ”No I’m good there’s only a few bags” Carmen smiled ”Bette and Tina brought majority of the stuff home yesterday”
    ”I’ll take them” Jace smiled
    ”She sent you out here didn’t she?”
    ”Yep” Jace nodded
    ”She doesn’t trust me Jace”
    ”Carmen she’s sick at the minute and to be fair you got home and it’s been a rollercoaster since, the first night she let you back in your bed she was rushed to hospital the next day, you haven’t had time to process or talk about anything properly”
    ”I know and I am aware of that but she’s not ready to talk she’s still sick like you said” Carmen stated ”I just don’t know how to reassure her I’m not going anywhere and that I’m home for good”
    ”Give her time” Jace smiled ”Come on let’s go make sure Alycia’s room is ready and yours is tidy”
    ”Our room is spotless I made sure of that yesterday, I’ve not been in Alycia’s room yet”
    ”Oh my god wait to you see it, Lisa and Bette worked so hard on it” Jace said excited
    Carmen laughed at how excited Jace was getting.

    Carmen followed Jace upstairs to the baby’s room, she smiled when he opened the door and turned on the light.
    ”Wow” Carmen smiled ”This is awesome”
    ”I know right, I absolutely loved building all this” Jace smiled
    Lisa sat next to Jess
    ”So” Jess smiled
    ”How you feeling?”
    ”Yeah okay, think the pain killers have kicked in” Jess sighed ”Mum can I have a sandwich please I’m a bit hungry”
    ”Sure you can sweetie” Tina said getting up and going into the kitchen
    ”She’s so cute” Lisa smiled looking at her niece
    ”I know, she melts me when I look at her” Jess smiled
    Carmen and Jace walked back into the lounge, Carmen sat next to Jess.
    ”All good?” Jess asked
    ”Yeah her room is awesome, wait to you see it baby” Carmen smiled
    Lisa smiled and looked at Bette
    ”Is it all pink and proper girly?” Jess asked
    ”No we actually went for purple” Bette said
    ”Good I hate pink”
    Tina came back in handing Jess the sandwich.
    ”Thanks mum” Jess smiled

    Later that night

    Bette was lying in bed with her kindle, Tina was lying beside her just resting her eyes.

    Mason knocked on the door then peeked his head in.
    ”Mum asleep?”
    ”No Mason I’m just resting my eyes, your half an hour late for curfew”
    ”Yes I know but I have a very good reason for that” Mason smirked
    Tina opened her eyes and sat up on the bed; Bette smirked and put her kindle down.
    ”Ok erm have you two swapped roles?” Mason asked
    ”No your Mum just beat me too it” Bette smirked ”So this reason?”
    ”Yeah I forgot to put my watch on and my phone died” Mason sighed
    ”Oh really? That’s a shame because tomorrow you’re not going out late”
    ”But Mum”
    ”No Mason, I was generous enough letting you stay out till half past 11, you have only turned 16, I’m trying to loosen the chord slightly but your taking advantage of that” Tina stated
    ”You also have an assignment due on Monday so you can do that tomorrow” Bette added
    ”I’m not doing homework on a Saturday” Mason stated
    ”Your sister came home today and you haven’t even said hello yet” Bette stated
    ”Yes I know I’ll see her tomorrow” Mason said
    ”Not good enough Mason, we’ll continue this chat tomorrow, Have you locked the door?”
    ”Yes and set the alarms” Mason sighed walking into the room and over to their bed kissing them both on the cheek ”Goodnight, Love you”
    ”Love you too, Night” Bette and Tina both said

    Mason walked up the stairs and stopped when he seen Jess and Carmen’s light on. He slowly walked towards the door and gently knocked.
    ”Yeah?” Jess said
    ”Hey” Mason smiled
    ”Hey you” Jess smiled back
    ”Where’s Carmen?”
    ”She’s just getting some water and checking on Alycia” Jess said
    ”I’ve not really seen her yet” Mason said ”I’ll have a peek tomorrow, I’ll be around all day, I’ve pissed Mum and Mama off”
    ”Being home late and not being here when you got home” Mason said ”Sorry about that”
    ”All’s good” Jess smiled ”Go get showered and get some sleep”
    ”Good to have you home Jess, I missed you”
    ”I miss you too and well do something nice just the two of us when I’m better since I missed your birthday”
    ”I’d like that, I also have your Christmas present in my room” Mason smiled
    ”Love you buddy”
    ”Love you too”
    ”Hey trouble what you did now? I heard you getting into trouble” Carmen said squeezing past Mason and going back over to her side of the bed
    ”I was 30 minutes late for curfew” Mason smirked ”Night guys”
    Jess laughed rolling her eyes as Mason left the room ”He will never learn”

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