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    Worth Holding On Too Chapter 128

    3 Weeks later…

    Jess was finally getting home as was Alycia. Tina, Bette, Jess, Carmen and Alycia pulled into the drive. Bette lifted the baby seat out and Carmen and Tina helped Jess. Jace and Lisa stood at the door with Liam in her arms.
    ”Take your time babe there’s no rush” Carmen reassured
    Jess looked up seeing the stairs into the house and her face said it all.
    ”Babe I can’t do the stairs” Jess said
    Jace made his way down the stairs and gently scooped Jess into his arms.
    ”I could have done that you know” Carmen stated
    ”Yes well I wanted to help” Jace smiled
    ”Jace be careful I’m still sore” Jess said slightly nervous
    ”I will I promise” Jace said going up the stairs slowly ”Where do you want to go?”
    ”The sofa in the lounge I’m sick of being in bed” Jess said
    Jace walked into the lounge putting Jess softly onto the Sofa. Carmen walked over automatically putting the blanket over her wife. ”Do you want anything?” Jace asked
    ”A proper cup of tea would be awesome my mug is in my bag” Jess smiled
    ”Mason should be home shortly he’s really looking forward to seeing you” Lisa said
    ”He should have come and seen me on Christmas Day then” Jess stated
    ”Jess you know he hates hospitals and he did facetime you” Bette said
    ”Yes I know I know it’s just not the same, that’s the worst Christmas I’ve had ever” Jess sighed
    ”We all came to see you” Lisa said
    ”Yeah I know but still being stuck in a hospital over Christmas and New Year sucked” Jess stated ”The amount of TV I have to catch up on”
    ”You still have all your presents to open” Lisa smirked
    ”I know I’ll get to that, I still don’t have a lot of energy, I just want to relax and spend some time with Alycia and you guys”
    ”And that’s exactly what’s going to happen” Tina explained ”We’ve all took the week off”
    ”When I said some time I didn’t mean that much, Jez you will all do my head in by the time we reach tomorrow” Jess smirked
    Carmen got up and went to leave the lounge. Jess stopped mid conversation ”Where you going?”
    ”I’m just going to get the rest of the stuff out the car” Carmen said ”I’ll be back in 5 minutes”
    ”Ok” Jess said watching her wife ”Jace can you go help her please?”
    ”Sure” Jace said knowing Jess just wanted someone to make sure Carmen was coming back
    Jace opened the front door going outside.

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