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    Hole We Call L.A.

    Image result for angel from hellLos Angeles.

    Life can come at one fast, whether human or angel. Such is the fate of Amy Cass with a man claiming to be her husband showing up and interrupting her life, mission, and eternal employment as a guardian angel. At the moment that means being one for a dermatologist named Allison Fuller. They stand outside as the rain pours down from the red sky above.

    Allison “Okay, this is really starting to freak me out!”

    Amy “Don’t worry, it’s just the end of the world. Well, life really, but I’m your guardian angel to the end and that means…”

    Amy takes a swig from her flask before finishing.

    Amy “…We have an escape route.”

    Allison “The end???”

    A portal opens just ahead of them and out steps a familiar face to Amy.

    Mazikeen “Redeemed One.”

    Amy “Hey, Maze! Long time no see.”

    Mazikeen “We don’t have time for this and we can make intros later. Get in the portal!”

    Allison “What’s all this???”

    Amy grabs a shocked Allison by the hand.

    Amy “We’ll explain later. By the way, Maze is a demon from Hell.”

    Allison “A what???”

    The portal closes to an Earth in dire peril.


    Some say the end is near”


    Image result for glow netflix

    Los Angeles.

    It is 1987 and the world is a much different place than in other universes already further along in their timelines. Debbie Eagan was ready to tackle a new challenge in her life. She is an actor who has experienced a taste of professional wrestling with GLOW. Her GLOW days as Liberty Belle appear to be past however as she and Bash Howard are looking to start their own all-women’s wrestling promotion for a television station recently purchased by Bash himself. Debbie was ready for all of that, but now the sky is red, the streets are beginning to flood outside and lightning is striking. All Debbie cares about at this point is holding on to her baby son, Randy for as long as she can.


    Los Angeles.

    Bette’s camp is at a stand still with the havoc outside, keeping Bette in her suite with Dani alongside her. The sky continues to glow red, wild bolts of lighting lashing lout from their clouds. Rain begins to fall outside. She has tried calling her daughter Angelica twice already, but to no avail.

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