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    You Found Me Chapter 193

    Weeks later Bette and Tina were at her parents to work on the final plans for their wedding. Jeffery had been going on and on about some girl so he was going to bring her to dinner that night. This would be the first time he had ever brought someone home.

    When Jeffery finally walks in with the girl for dinner, Bette about falls to the floor.

    Bette, Tina, this is Kelly Wentworth. We’ve been dating for a few weeks.

    Hi, Jeffery has told me so much about you two. Kelly shakes Bette’s hand who was still in shock.

    And you must be Tina his little sister.

    Big sister. Tina corrects her.

    He told me you two looked almost like twins. So, you’re getting married. Congratulations.

    Thank you Kelly. It’s very nice to meet you. Jeffery must think a lot of you because he never brings anyone home.

    Oh…she squeezes Jeffery’s cheeks …He’s just a darling. Tina instantly dislikes her but for Jeffery’s sake, she was polite. And by the look on her mother’s face, she was feeling the same way.

    Bette follows Kelly into a backroom. Kelly what the hell! What are you doing here with Jeffery? How? Jamie had walked up outside the door and hears the conversation.

    Bette I told you I want you back and I will stop at nothing to get you. Jamie puts her hand over her mouth hearing this.

    Kelly you seem to not get it. I don’t want you and you never had me in the first place.

    Oh yes I did. We had fun in those couple of weeks.

    And as I recall you married some old rich man for his money.

    I did but he died and his wretched kids contested the will leaving me with just a small sum.

    You know I was glad you disappeared out of my life. Just for shit like that you pull.

    You don’t mean that?

    Yes I do. Listen, I love Tina and I’m going to marry her.  So you can just go to hell.

    Ummm…I’m not going anywhere.

    If you don’t I’m going to tell Tina and Jeffery who you are and why you are here.

    And I will just have to play this to Tina. Kelly pulls out a tape recorder. And plays it.

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    1. Sorry BETTE but this can of horse sh%t you opened can’t be closed without some major sucking up ,so wipe that sh%t off your face and get to it.Time to come clean and stop hiding sh%t from TINA. I’m counting on you to do the right thing this time.THANKS,ps.

    2. Hi BnT

      I knew it, I knew that was going to happen, Bette doesn’t learn, she has to open herself and make a list with names and details about all her affairs and give it to Tina (better written), maybe is too late, but if there is another opportunity, she better do it in that way. Thank so much for the chapter hopefully, things will end well. PPS.


    3. Oh oh, Bette, when Are you gonna learn to Trust Tina with this kind of shit.

      But i do not believe Tina Will call of the Wedding. She loves Bette so much.

      And Bette giving Tina a list with names of former conquests isn’t what she has to do. God that list Will. Be endlessy , but she needs to Tell Tina when she is harassed by them. Open communication is what they need to do, without that their relationship is doomed.

      Thank you for the update!

    4. WTF…Kelly at the farm tripping! Bette and Jamie should have just kicked her ass right there on the spot…with ALL of the foolishness that she was spouting!

      So proud of Tina for remembering all the other times she let women from Bette’s past play on her insecurities…she stood her ground with crazy azz Kelly Wentworth! Everything she was saying just sounded convoluted…Girl Bye! Damn she is down right delusional about her relationship with Bette!

      Now Bette should have told her about Kelly coming on to her and showed her the emails. Truthful communications Bette and this could have been avoided. I guess she is tired of her past coming back to cause her new relationship problems.

      Let Tina have some space and go back and talk to her and try to get her to see your point of view. Beg Bette and maybe get Grams to help you out (hahahaha)
      I hope they can work out this TRUST issue again. I want a Bette and Tina wedding!

      Thx for da update!

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