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    You Found Me Chapter 194

    I won’t have it Bette. You have to tell me things or we will find ourselves down the road in a failed marriage. I don’t want that, do you?

    Bette lets out the air in her lungs…No! God NO!

    Then why after seeing her and talking with her, realizing what she was up to, didn’t you say anything to me? We were together all night yet you said nothing. And by the looks of you this morning, you didn’t sleep much worrying about it.

    I don’t know. I guess I thought it would work itself out. I figured telling Kelly I wasn’t scared would cause her to back down.

    God you can be so infuriating sometimes Bette! Bette drops her head with tears in her eyes upset with herself for hurting Tina like this. Were you ever planning on telling me about her if it had worked itself out? Tina says sarcastically with finger quotes.



    After the wedding when things calmed down.

    So you were going to wait until after I married you before you told me. So I couldn’t change my mind is that what you were thinking?

    Bette looks up finding Tina’s eyes. She pauses. Her face is wet from her own tears. Yes. Bette whispered. She scared me especially with the tape. I hoped that by calling her on her threats that she would see no fun in it and leave. And if she had backed down, then I would tell you afterward because I didn’t want you upset through the wedding. There’s so much going on right now and so many things I wanted you to enjoy. I didn’t want it marred with my drama or have it be what we remembered about the wedding. And yes a part of me was scared you would change your mind if you heard that tape.

    Tina had looked away while listening to Bette explain her thoughts. There is silence for what seemed like an eternity to Bette. Finally Bette had to ask as she pushed her hands into her pockets to keep them from shaking…Have you…changed your mind?

    You of all people should know the answer to that Bette. Tina was breathing heavily looking up to Bette again, hurt that Bette would think she would leave her for any reason at this point.

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    1. Whew!Mighty close BETTE but you forgetting something,there is someone else you need to come clean about.Don’t let this be your last roll in the hay with TINA Take off the layers of secrets you have hidden and come to your wedding naked(figuratively)as the day you were born without secrets,doubts or anything that will cause you to lose TINA.Kelly is not the only one that can hurt you .THANKS,ps.

    2. Phew, after the last chapter i held my heart, but thank god, you didn’t break them up.

      I really hope Bette will be able to open up now and in the future!

      I love the Kennard family, i wish i could be part of them.

      You sound very busy with the up coming Thanksgiving and Christmas, good luck with it.

      Thanks for the update!

    3. So thankful that Bette and Tina worked it out and NOW I hope Bette finally gets that she needs to share with Tina information of ANY kind that can be a threat to their relationship! Communicate, with each other ladies! Tina should know after being punked a couple of times by woman trying to break them up.

      Love the bonds that the Kennard family have with each other and how they have accepted Bette into THE FAMILY! Where is Grams??? She is my favorite….

      Kelly was a straight up NUT, Jeffery should be grateful that he didn’t fall in love with her crazy azz! :)

      Looking forward to the wedding!

      Thanks for the update!

    4. Well that went better than I thought. Bette, should trust in Tina more. Feel for Jeffery though. Papa Kennard wax not that hard, actually quite the opposite, loving and tender with Bette. And Tina seemed ready to defend her woman. Great job.

    5. My dear BNT.
      It’s great when we have someone who has the power to do us the best we can be, and Tina was able to transform Bette. And Tina knew when she met Bette, who was synonymous with someone with a problem, Tina could also dismiss it, because we usually want stable relationships, I wonder, what does this guarantee? For nothing can replace true love.
      It is very good to love and be loved, even with so many difficulties and challenges.
      whole universe

      Note: Oh my God! This story is about to come to chapter 200.

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