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    You Found Me Chapter 195

    After getting back from Missouri Bette and Tina had made an agreement to work hard through the next weeks. This meant their play time would be pushed to the weekend so that everything would be in order before they took the week off for the wedding and two-week honeymoon. They didn’t want to leave the magazine that long without the both of them but Peggy assured them it would be ok. Peggy  would take over Bette’s side along with Dana’s help and Sasha would manage Tina’s side along with Alice’s help. But they both worked on this magazine issue and the extra hours went into setting the next issue up to make it easier for their friends to manage without them.

    By the time the first Friday came around they were exhausted and didn’t make love until late Saturday morning. By the second week, it was easier. They made love in the middle of the night after a few hours sleep. By Friday morning on the third week, Tina was feeling like an animal in heat and was planning her day of seduction to get Bette’s attention. Tina knew it wouldn’t take much as she smiled to herself pulling on her white thigh highs. She had purposely stayed back letting Bette go on to work just so she could get herself get ready in private. She sprayed on her special perfume she knew Bette loved, not her every day perfume, that Bette also liked. This perfume let Bette know it was just for her.

    Tina was torn between wearing a thong or going commando. She was feeling wet just thinking about Bette’s eyes on her throughout the day. Thong! I’ll need something to keep myself from running down my inner thigh. Fuck my clit is throbbing. I want to touch myself so bad but that wouldn’t be fair to my lover. After all, it was Bette’s and I have every intention of saving it for her. Maybe I’ll let her touch me this morning. No! Shit! I want her to feel what I’m feeling right now, so a little cat and mouse won’t hurt, I can handle it. Not much but a little. Tina goes to the bathroom cleaning herself up one last time, careful not to linger in one spot too long. She puts her mind on work to take the edge off and out the door she goes.

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    1. Hi BnT:

      Wow, what a wonderful and surprising chapter, it has been long since the last time; yes you’re right this is a freaking busy year; but reading your chapters always alleviate the hard moments in my heart. Tina is a real jewel for teasing Bette in such naughty way. Thanks for this incredible chapter and looking forward to the “dinner”.
      Thanks again for posting.


    2. Fabulous and sexy chapter ???? it was worth the wait!

      I am happy you found time to update, hope that the rest of 2017 will allow you to update again.

      I can’t hardly wait for dinner.

    3. Hi BnT, haven’t been on the site for quite some time and lo and behold………a new chapter! Nice to have an update. I won’t ask you what kept you so long because I have some updates to do myself. But please try not to stay away that long. I almost forgot where the last chapter finished…………

    4. Hello my friend
      I know I’m away from the site for a while, more are so many things, especially my family commitments.
      But I’m trying to update my reading.
      A chapter as always very well written, and you know that I am a great admirer of your story.
      Every universe!
      Bear hug!

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