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    You Found Me Chapter 196

    In the middle of the night after they had made love earlier  Bette wakes seeing Tina asleep. Bette props herself up, resting her cheek in the palm of her hand as she stares at the beauty who is lying beside her. The moonlight glowed across Tina’s bare back. Tina’s golden locks spread out across her pillow and half covered her face. This was a sight Bette knew she would never get tired of seeing first thing in the morning or the middle of the night for that matter.

    Gosh baby you are so beautiful…she says as she pulls the sheet down a little further. Bette could feeling her arousal grow as she eyed the woman she loved. She slips over closer to Tina lightly kissing her lower back then not able to stop herself she moves down between Tina’s legs kissing her ass cheeks softly.

    Tina was in a deep sleep having a sex dream with Bette. She was bending over her own desk while Bette was softly kissing her back and ass moving further south. She moans mmmm. Bette thinks Tina’s awake and smiles. The more she kissed the more Tina moved her hips and opened her legs.  Tina dreams Bette was down on her knees behind her and beginning to lap at her moist lips. Mmmm she tilts her ass up a little wanting Bette to get more of her.

    Bette moved between Tina’s legs on her back slipping under Tina as she raises herself up. Bette was running her tongue up and down. Tina continued moaning, feeling herself getting so close to cumming with Bette’s tongues rubbing her clit. Bette’s chin was getting soaked. Tina is teetering on the edge…Bette slips two fingers in slowly and Tina suddenly wakes realizing it was no longer a dream she was in. She moans into her pillow mmmmm Fuck!…

    It didn’t take but a few strokes before Tina came hard but Bette didn’t withdraw her fingers.  She turned them around and stopped on Tina’s special spot. Tina had grabbed Bette’s hand stopping her from moving any more but Bette tapped her fingertips on the soft spot very slowly making Tina moan yet again. Tina was jerking as Bette softly rubbed Tina’s spot over and over…Tina quivered and shook as she came again, coating Bette’s fingers. Bette moves to let Tina’s hips fall to the mattress then she climbs up Tina’s body kissing her shoulder blades, spine, and neck.

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    1. This is exactly what should happen when BETTE’s reality invades TINA’s fantasy.Not long before these two get married but i’m in no hurry to see this story end.THANKS for update.

    2. Wow! I was shocked to sign on and see this poster but I’m very grateful and happy that you posted. I just wish it was longer. Amazing still so now we wait again. I just love these two! PPS

    3. Hi BnT:

      What a wonderful surprise, reading your new chapter after a while, this one is perfect as usual, though a little small; you always delighting us with these funny and erotic passages, but what I really like is to see how Bette has changed her point of view about having kids; since the time (several chapters ago) when she panicked at the idea of been the other mother of Tina’s babies until now when she dreams about Tina’s pregnancy.

      Thank you so much for this incredible chapter and please don’t forget, here, we are always waiting for these romantic and erotic gifts that are your relaxing and beautiful writings; thanks again and pps.


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