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    You Found Me Chapter 197

    It was getting closer to the wedding and the weekend that Alice had planned for the bachelorette party had arrived. With Jamie and Carrie’s input, they went with a western theme in honor of the bride-to-be. Alice knew Bette wanted everything focused on Tina. Bette wanted Tina happy and happy is what Alice was going to deliver…with the help of Bette’s checkbook of course.

    Bette and Tina were coming in separate cars at different times. Tina arrived first seeing everything that Alice had done. Seeing her sister and Jamie there also put a big smile on her face.

    Oh My God!.. This is absolutely beautiful. Has Bette?

    No,…she isn’t here yet. But she was the one who asked us to do what we thought you would like and with your sister and Jamie’s help…Alice gestured and smiled at the decorations. They had nicely arranged haystacks and picnic tables decorated with candles and flowers. There was music playing, a BBQ grill was set, and the smell of Applewood chips and roasting sweet corn filling the air. Night lanterns were hanging throughout but it would be a few more hours before they would need to be turned on.

    Yeah Carrie says…We just told her what she needed to wear and to pack an overnight bag just as you had instructed.

    You look great by the way. Carrie tells her as they hug. Bette is going to beside herself.

    Kinda what I was going for…Tina whispers in her sister’s ear.

    You’re so bad… she whispers back. Tina smiles and breaks her hug with Carrie and gives her a wink as only Tina can with both eyes.

    Bette had you to do all this for me. What about what she likes?

    Alice cuts in…Silly, she likes whatever puts that…Alice touches Tina cheek with her index finger…cute little smile on your face you have on right now and I’m glad I had Dana capture it all on the cam. Alice Points to the porch where Dana stood with the camcorder waving with a huge smile Tina waves back.

    You guys are incredible …she says giving Alice and Jamie hugs too. Bette is going to flip. She has been working hard all week so she could take off today. This is just what she needs to relax. Fun with family.

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    1. Yes, a new chapter!

      I didn’t expected it so soon after you told me that you are one busy lady!

      Bntinmyhead, it was worth the wait and i loved the chapter. It was funny, loved the banter between them all.

      Thank you so much for for this incredible story!

      Take care of yourself and your family!

    2. Hello, I was pleasantly surprised to see a new post. I have been re reading this fic and hoping for a continuation of it. I enjoyed reading it very much, I hope Alice doesn’t go too far. Thanks for the great read and hope to see more soon.

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