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    You Found Me Chapter 198

    The girls were taking turns passing the camcorder around recording one thing or another when Alice noticed the way Tina was giving Bette the eye. Alice decided to interrupt their little eye-fuck thing that they do.

    What Alice? Bette asked. You needed me?

    Oh yeah. I just wanted to get you on film while I was thinking of it.

    On film for what?

    Your wedding bachelorette party DVD. Bette looks skeptical…Oh come on. It will be fun.

    Ok where do you want me?

    Couch is fine. They go over and get settled in. Ok so tell me about Tina. What was the first thing you noticed about her? Alice says.

    Bette grins. Ummm. I purposely went for coffee the morning I first heard about the new hire just to get a peek at her. Knowing she was a woman, a woman that Peggy warned me to stay away from, but…

    You being Bette!…Alice cuts in…

    They both laugh. Peggy had also told me she was nothing like any of the other women she had hired. And you know me…I wasn’t about to let curiousity kill this cat. She caught my eyes right off at the first glimpse of her blonde curly hair. Bette smiles remembering the spark of anticipation she felt in that moment. I walked on to pour my coffee and turned towards her so I could see the rest of  her… Bette bites her bottom lip and moans remembering the sight of Tina standing there in her tight fitting business suit then smiles. Fuck Alice. Tina’s milky white breasts were exposed from the button-down blouse she was wearing. It was hot and I got caught looking…damn I couldn’t help myself. Tina was not happy with with me, let me tell you. Bette smiles. I’m still not sure how I held it together long enough to talk with her.

    So it was lust at first sight?

    Bette laughs. Yes! Absolutely. She was and still is so fucking sexy. Bette shakes her head laughing. She rocked me to the core that first day. No one and I mean no one has ever made me feel what I felt or feel for that woman. Jesus Alice! Bette says with glassy eyes…How on earth did I get so damn lucky?

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    1. Scary indeed to see another chapter so soon ???? It totally shocked me to my core ????

      I love your Bette and Tina and the others. So much fun, love, jokes, tenderness, friendship and sexy play.

      I really loved how Bette told about meeting Tina and how Tina captured her heart.

      I am looking forward to the next chapter, thank you for update!

    2. Hi BnT,

      Great to have you back. Enjoyed this post especially with the ‘flash backs’

      Love the way you write TiBette in this story and looking forward to the Wedding.

      Please Post again real soon.


    3. Simplementetete I loved the description of how Bette and Tina love happened
      It’s very beautiful when we love and we can remember every detail of how love happened.
      There is a verse that I read and gave to the person I love, and it says:
      “It all started when I looked at you the first time,
      From there my life took another path,
      My heart was throbbing, my eyes glittered with happiness,
      I discovered you, my passion, my love, my tenderness and my affection!
      How much magic I discovered in your eyes!
      I knew what I felt !!
      His walk, his gentle sweetness, my heart won.
      Love took hold, the smile was born on my lips, I saw in your face the reason for living.
      In your gaze I saw the light that illuminates my days, I saw the sun that warms me, I saw the sweet magic …
      In your smile I saw the dream that presages all my happiness.
      Make me feel in your sky, make me feel in your world.
      In your eyes, in the glitter of your eyes, I found my …
      I sigh, I tell you:
      What a wonderful gift it is to love You! ”
      All Universe!

    4. Very beautifully said and a very lucky lady whom i’m sure swelled her heart for you Mscully upon hearing it. Love is a wonderful think for us who have been so lucky to have found it.. Yes it has been awhile since you have graced me with one of your bear hugs. I do hope all is well with my friend. and thank you for the many comments you have left in the last little bet. I am just now getting around to reading them.

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