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    You Found Me Chapter 200

    The next few weeks seemed to fly by. They were on their way to Tina’s folks for the last time before being married. They had taken a commercial flight. Peggy and the girls would come later bringing Sadie and Sam along since they would be staying for the two weeks Bette and Tina would be gone. The plan was to stop at the Kennard’s after their honeymoon, pick up the kids, and have the company jet waiting to take them all home.

    Bette and Tina are sitting on the plane in silence. Both are lost in their own thoughts. Tina spoke first. Are you nervous or afraid?

    Bette came out of her world and looks over at Tina. She thinks before speaking. I’m nervous to stand in front of everyone. But afraid to marry you? She smiles big. Never. I just want it to be beautiful and over with because it is a little nerve racking pulling everything together and hoping…

    It all comes off without a hitch! Tina finishes Bette’s sentence.

    Exactly. I mean, I’m worried I’ll mess a line up and there it will be on film to be relived repeatedly. Our kids will see me screw up the whole wedding…

    Oh my God baby. You’re really worried about that?

    Woman you would not believe the shit that runs through my head when it sits idling.

    Tina busts out laughing. Do you want to know what runs through mine when I let it sit idling?

    Yes! Bette smiles.

    I’m worried that my dress will be stepped on or get caught on something and rip right off of me in front of everyone!

    Bette laughs. Ok I don’t feel so bad now.

    Good me either. Just have to not let our imaginations get the best of us. We need to help each other.

    Ok. And I’m very good at distracting. She says leaning in to kiss Tina.

    Mmm how well I know that. They kiss until they hear a little giggle and quickly look up at the seat in front of them. There was this little girl, all of maybe three who smiled at them then covered her month to giggle again. Kiss, she said. They drop their jaws and look at each other. Remind you of someone? Tina says…Bette nods…which reminds me, she is older now and I’m sure she can say more than kiss…So behave yourself. You never know when she will pop up.

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    1. 200 chapters! Congratulations!

      I have and still enjoy this story, it is so much fun to read it.

      Poor Jefferey, walking in and hear Bette shout out from pleasure. But he can tease them for quite awhile.

      Fantastic story! Thank you!

    2. This is a wonderful story. I binge read all 200 chapters in 3 days. I can’t wait until the wedding. Thank you for writing this as you have a very creative mind and so much imagination. I wish my sex life was like B&T’s :)

      • Lol.. you crack me up Jane….We all wished we had BnT’s sex life…wow thank you for the nice complements. As you can see some seem to have an issue with reading my story. But I’m sure you can see a difference from the beginning to now. It started out in secret. To meeting someone, marriage.. I stopped writting then picked up been a struggle sometimes but I have enjoyed it. 200 was a big deal to me.. So thank you for taking the time to read all 200 in three days.. I am honoured.

    3. You are so very welcome. I have an idea for future chapters and will PM to you as I don’t want to show my cards. I think it might enhance the story, Keep on writing away.

    4. Congratulations BnT for the 200 chapters !!
      And I can say that each chapter was a pleasure to read, and I do not have any
      problem in reading this wonderful story!
      Sex in a couple’s life is a gift.
      For the World Health Organization, sex is one of the four pillars of quality of life. The other three are: family, work and laser
      All Constellation!

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