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    You Found Me Chapter 201

    After cleaning the barn from top to bottom Bette and Tina came in, took a shower separately, and then ate some lunch. Tina walked out while Bette was cleaning up. Bette didn’t know Tina had left until she tried to say something…Tina? Grams walked in from the porch where she had eaten her lunch with Lynn. Bette took her plate.

    Ok I’m going for a nap now. Gram Says. Watching all that going on out there wears me out.

    Bette laughs. Ok see you when you get up. Bette gives Grams a kiss on the cheek.

    Ok Doll. Bette smiles as she watches Grams leave then finishes up washing her plate. Bette dries off her hands and goes looking for Tina. She spots her laying down on the large leather couch.

    And just what are you doing?

    I’m tired, thought I would take a little nap. Tina speaks but keeps her eyes closed.

    Bette smiles at her looking like a little girl with the throw blanket pulled up to her chin.

    That seems to be the theme for this afternoon.

    What? Tina whispers.

    Napping. Grams just went to take one too. Tina just made a noise…hmmm.

    Bette stood there biting her bottom lip with her hands in her pocket. She looked around not sure what to do.

    Tina barely opened her eyes, peeking at Bette and smiling under the cover that she pulled up over her mouth. She closes her eyes back quickly when Bette turned back to her. She paused before speaking. You just going to stand there and stare at me?

    No…I just…

    Tina starts to giggle. I’m just kidding. Would you like to lay down with me? She opens the covers up.

    I thought you would never ask. She starts to lay down. You don’t think we will get into trouble do you?

    Tina couldn’t help but laugh at her. She was this grown-ass business woman back in L.A. but not so here. Bettte became this innocent little child that Tina totally loved so much. Has my mom scared you that bad?

    Bette takes a deep breath…Sometimes… Frankly yes! Especially when she is with Jamie. I still haven’t figured her out completely and until I do, I don’t want to give her any reason to hate me.

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    1. I love this story so much, don’t you ever stop writing!

      After the wedding you have to write about the long honeymoon they will have, their life after the wedding and the kids they will have and much more.

      Thank you for the journey of my favourite couple!

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