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    You Found Me Chapter 202

    It was time for the rehearsal dinner after going through the motions for the wedding three times. Peggy had brought the rest of the crew over with her including Bette’s mom and Carl. Lauren and Richard had done a great job with the dinner. Everyone was enjoying their time together. They were sitting at table long enough to accommodate all of them. Each of them took turns telling funny stories about the beautiful couple all night. Joe and Tom turned on the lights that they had hung up for the evening and music was playing for those who wanted to dance.

    Bette and Tina were the first to disappear from the table for a dance after sitting across from each other and not being able to keep their eyes off each other. Tina was shocked that Bette had cut her hair but loved it. She thought it was sexy. She also noticed Bette had a new outfit on that she hadn’t seen before.  The two exchanged small glances and smiles throughout all the storytelling and Bette would wink at Tina just to see her blush.  Eventually their flirting had taken its toll and they both felt the need to be closer.

    Tina led them to the dance floor. Tina wore a beautiful dress that was off the shoulders because she knew Bette would like it. Bette wore new designer jeans that were stonewashed with large stitching and embroidered, studded pockets and a long sleeve black tailored dress shirt. They stood nervously in front of each other for a moment before the next song started to play.

    Bette took Tina into her arms and started a slow waltz. They both caught their breath. It was their first touch since early that morning when their family and friends had separated them.

    They didn’t say anything for the first verse. They just let their eyes roam over each other’s beautiful features.

    You’re so beautiful Tina. You take me places I’ve never been before. I am a very, very lucky lady.

    Tina blushed at Bette’s love whispers. Her cheeks blushed bright red. I’ve never been on a road like this before either. She kisses Bette. I think we are both lucky. Tina takes her hands through Bette’s locks…And I love your hair. You snuck that one in on me.

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    1. Hi BnTinmyhead,

      Way to short but i loved it. Light and funny. Looking forward to the wedding!

      I thought your kids would stay temporarely? Just ask them to give you a little time so you can write the wedding for us, for your demanding fans , oke for me ????

      Love and hugs,

      Your big and loyal demanding fan ????

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