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    You Found Me Chapter 203

    Oh fuck Tina.

    By now Tina was holding onto the headboard in full humping mode squeezing her pussy over the full breast with nice little jerks…Fuck Bette I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum so hard on you. Fuck…Tina was burning and so was Bette. Her clit was stinging for release but she liked the feeling that Tina could do this to her without touching her most private parts…Ahh baby you are so fucking hot. Give it to me after you cum.

    Tina went over the edge knowing that Bette was going to eat her out after. She knew it wouldn’t take Bette long to make her cum again once that tongue touched her swollen lips. But just as Bette wanted, Tina came and quickly lifted herself with Bette’s help onto Bette’s waiting mouth. Bette dove her tongue, nose, and chin into Tina’s open pussy rubbing Tina all over her face sucking her juice into her month and swallowing.

    Tina was trying to hold on but she could feel another orgasm building quickly. Bette knew Tina wouldn’t be able to take much but wanted it to be a very powerful and mind-blowing if possible. She took her hand to the back wetting her fingers in Tina’s juice as Tina was grinding on her chin. Bette rubs the juice on Tina’s rose bud feeling Tina tense at first then. Bette wets her fingers again sticking two fingers in Tina’s pussy and one slowly into her ass. She took her time to get to the first knuckle.

    Feeling Tina relax and moan with pleasure. She wet them a little more and went back in. Tina groaned louder pushing her hips back to meet Bette’s finger slipping them in a little more.

    Tina was getting into it so much. She was sliding her body down and Bette was moving her body down the bed to accommodate Tina who was flatting herself on Bette’s face so she could ride both Bette’s face and fingers. Tina was holding on for dear life not wanting to cum yet although she knew she had little squirts, she was wanting that big one and it was working its way down through her stomach. She could feel it. She spread herself wide across Bette’s face and tilted her hips up more humping harder…Oh my God Bette!…Fuck! Oh my God! Oh my God! It feels so good. I’mmmmm I’mmmmmm Fuck! Tina screams out…Betteeeeeee! Tina did a few more thrusts feeling Bette’s fingers still in her and Bette’s tongue working her over licking and sucking her pussy juice. Tina’s eyes are rolling back in her head as she is still contracting on Bette’s mouth feeding her more.

    Tina’s back is arched with one hand on Bette’s forehead and the other squeezing the pillow in her hand. Tina was trying her best to let Bette have her way with her. She grunts one last time. On the verge of passing out. Bette flips her over into her back so they both could breathe. Tina just lays there paralyzed as she had used every bit of her strength.

    Bette raises her head from between Tina’s legs smiling and seeing she had indeed given Tina that mind-blowing orgasm. She kisses Tina everywhere on her way up her body causing Tina to jerk from over stimulation. The kisses were sending shock waves all over her body but she couldn’t stop Bette either.

    I love you. Bette whispers in Tina’s ear. Tina could only smile and open one eye. Did you like that? Bette asked with a smirk on her face. Tina took a deep breath and took a minute to speak. What do you think?

    Bette giggled. Well judging from where I was sitting you enjoyed yourself quite thoroughly.

    Mmmm I believe…she takes another deep breath…No. I know that was by far the most mind-blowing orgasm I have ever had. She pecks Bette’s lips…Thank you…Bette kisses her. You are welcome and thank you. You are fucking delicious. Bette kisses her again. Mmm you smell like sex. Bette giggles. Mmm yeah I think I will leave it there for the plane ride.

    You most certainly will not!  Bette laughs.


    1. Oh my God, the end was so hot!!!

      Ok, BnTinmyhead, that was a amazing chapter! I loved it!!!

      You want to know what part we like. I liked this the most: ” We are reminded that all good relationships continue to grow and change – more importantly, in marriage, to grow and change together. Like fine wine, they get better with age. As you stand here together, remember to keep alive forever, all of those qualities that drew you to each other in the beginning. Remember the wonderful feeling of oneness you feel now as your eyes meet. No marriage is perfect. And as you begin yours, you already know that it takes a lot of love, hard work and dedication to make your marriage a success. As you begin your lives together I ask that you never forget this advice: Let your love be stronger than your anger. Remember the wisdom of compromise for it is far better to bend than to break. Always be honest and open with each other. Be sparing in criticism and generous in praise. Never take each other for granted. For it is only through continual care that your love is truly secure in the face of life’s inevitable tests. Always accept your marriage as a work in progress. It requires your attention each and every day and yet is never completed. The strength of the Lord has led you through many of life’s challenges and is also with you today, as you pledge your faith to one another.”

      Couldn’t put it in a few words, so i copied and pasted it. Those are so true spoken words!!!
      Nobody should forget them!!!

      I love this story and i hope you will give us a sequel after this one. There is so much more to tell.

      Thank you so much for your dedication to finish it despite your busy life!

    2. Hi, BnTinmyhead:

      Thanks for this wonderful posting, and indeed for the whole story, I liked very much how you portrayed the connection between them, how Tina, slowly but firmly, tamed the womanizer and conceited Bette; how the affection, the craftiness, the feelings, the respect, the commitment grew up in their relationship. All your postings together gave us a pretty good idea of the strong desire, passion, and love they share.

      I hope you will keep writing more TIBETTE stories and will make a sequel to this one, a sequel where Tina and Bette have children.

      Thank you very much for this update and I will eagerly wait for the next chapter.


    3. Sorry for the delay yes I have last one just about ready then the epilogue will follow. I guess i was making sure both where ready before posting. Sad to see it go but maybe a small sequel. Thank you all for reading. I have enjoyed writting it.

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