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    In the Woods

    “I- I-, Xe-…” Gabrielle, still lightly struggling, couldn’t seem to find her words anymore. “But I… I kissed you!”

    Gabrielle almost shouted to make her point. By now she had stopped fighting back and was crying in Xena’s arms.

    “I kissed you… I’m so sorry Xena. Forgive me. Please don’t hate. Please don’t leave.” The bard didn’t know what to say anymore. “I’m so sorry. I never meant to… I should never have done it. I’m so sorry.”

    Xena smiled lightly. She was so silly sometimes. Of course she could forgive her. She could never hate her. They were soul mates.

    “Hey, calm down. It’s okay. I could never hate you, you know that? No matter what you did. I’m begging you not to leave. Please, stay with me Gabrielle. Don’t fight me.”

    Xena’s word seemed to hit her right, for Gabrielle slowly stopped crying and relaxed in Xena’s strong and comforting arms.

    “I’m sorry Xena,” she sobbed. “I promise not to ever do that again. I love you. I would never hurt you. I promise not to ever hurt you like this again…”

    Xena stood paralyzed. Hurt her? Gabrielle had never done anything to hurt her! That was absurd! Xena took grip of Gabrielle’s arms ones more, as she stepped a bit back to look the bard in the eyes.

    “Hurt me? Where did you get that stupid idea from? You could never hurt me! You’re the best thing that ever happened to me! Do you think that kissing me would hurt me? How?”

    “It doesn’t matter anymore Xena. I regret kissing you. I shouldn’t have done it.” Gabrielle stepped back from Xena’s grip and turning around. She slowly started walking away, back to the woods.


    Hearing Xena’s voice call out, she turned around again in confusion.

    “Excuse me?”

    “Why did you kiss me in the first place?”

    Gabrielle, taking one hand up to her forehead, started moving back to the warrior. She was already all in, so why not just finish it properly?

    “Do you really want to know why?”


    “Okay.” Gabrielle slowly moved closer, deciding that maybe this was it, the final chance to show her feelings, her true colors. “I watch you. I watch your every move. At night when you’re asleep I roll over so can admire your beauty, your chest slowly rising and falling. You look so relaxed and stunning. The moon plays the most wonderful games on your body. I watch you in battle. I know the rough side of you. I know all sides of you, and the more I watch, the more fascinated I become. You’re so smart, in both heart and mind. You’re so creative, and you put your heart in every single mission. That’s some of the things I love about you.” Gabrielle moved a bit closer. “But then I see you trying to seduce someone to help us with the plan, and my heart stops beating. My face flushes with the strangest feeling, my stomach starts to crumble. It feels like someone is pulling a knife through my heart. Even though I never had you, it felt like losing. I watch you. I can’t take my eyes off of you. You’re the most beautiful woman to me. You seem so soft, but yet so rough. Your body is formed by the Gods, long beautiful legs, so feminine but with a touch of something a bit more masculine in a way. And you’re eyes, shiny as diamonds, piercing, looking right through my very soul with the most beautiful icy blue color in the world.”

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