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    In the Woods

    Xena’s second hand went to Gabrielle’s back, fumbling with the leashes on her shirt. Gabrielle placed her hand on Xena’s cheek, kissing her with all her will, not wanting to disappoint her.

    Xena, poisoned by the passion, took Gabrielle and moved her to the woods, back to the fireplace. When they arrived at the bedrolls, Xena swiftly removed her breastplate and the rest of her armor, before laying Gabrielle down so she was on top. Xena couldn’t help but to smile. Gabrielle looked so beautiful, hair lightly ruffled, shirt almost gone, blushing like crazy. She took her hand and removed a strand of hair away from her Gabrielle’s face, before lightly kissing her lips. Xena’s lips moved to her neck and kept on going further down, until she heard something that made her stop. It was Gabrielle. It sounded like she was sobbing lightly.

    Xena removed herself from the blonde’s neck and looked down at her. Her hand was covering her eyes, trying hard not to tear up. She couldn’t do it. It was all too much for one time, but she didn’t want to let Xena down. She wanted it just as much as her, it was just too soon.

    “Gabrielle. What’s wrong? I- … I didn’t hurt you, did I?” Xena’s voice was filled with concern. She was starting to get a bit frightened by this.

    “No… No, Xena. You could never hurt me… Just… Continue…” Gabrielle’s voice was shaky, her heart beating faster than ever before. She would almost swear that Xena could hear it.

    “No!” Xena chuckled lightly. She placed a ghost-like kiss on the corner of Gabrielle’s mouth, before removing the hand that covered her eyes.

    “Of course I’m not going to continue.” Xena laid down behind Gabrielle, snaking her arms around the little bard, holding her as tight to her body as possible. “What’s wrong Gabrielle?” Her eyes were filled with concern.

    Gabrielle twisted in her arms, turning to look the warrior in the eyes. Before Xena could say anything, Gabrielle pressed her lips against Xena’s, kissing her once more. Slowly, not losing the lip contact, she took Xena’s hand in hers and moved it to her chest, to let her feel her heart beating. Xena broke the kiss, looking down at her hand to Gabrielle’s heart. She couldn’t help but to blush, feeling a lump in the throat. Gabrielle’s heart was really beating fast, but then again, she herself hadn’t either been this nervous in quite some time. Xena looked up, locking eyes with Gabrielle.

    “I’m so scared… This is all so new to me. I don’t even know what to do. I’m so sorry… I really wanted to do this with you, but it’s all moving too fast for me… I’m so sorry…” Gabrielle looked down, disappointed in herself.

    Xena simply laughed and placed a soft kiss on Gabrielle’s forehead. It sent a shiver down the blonde’s spine.

    “Don’t apologize. I don’t want to do this if you’re not ready. I’ll wait till the end of time if that’s what you need.” Xena smiled, and kissed her on the eyelid. “You’re right. I was moving a bit too fast, I’m sorry. Guess that’s just what you do to me.” Xena smiled hesitantly looking Gabrielle in the eyes, making her blush from the flatter. “Come on.” Xena hugged her tightly before she let her go, looking up at the stars. “It’s getting late. Why don’t we get some rest?”

    Gabrielle was happy about how easy Xena was taking this.

    “Can I…” the bard didn’t really know what to say. “Will you… Will you hold me, Xena? Just hold me tight tonight? I like sleeping in your arms…” She blushed at the request, looking into deep icy blue eyes.

    Xena smiled happily before turning around and taking Gabrielle in her arms, letting her back rest on her chest. Gabrielle was right, this was way better than sleeping alone tonight.

    Xena lifted her head and whispered huskily into Gabrielle’s ear, “Your wish is my command,” before she kissed her on the exposed skin of her neck.

    Laying her head back down, it didn’t last very long before both of them fell asleep to the sound of their steady heartbeats, beating for one another.

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