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    Chapter 11

    I hold onto Noah’s hand as we walk into the gallery. It’s been a while since I’ve been here. I don’t think I’ve been here since Logan, but we are meeting Bette. I walk in and hold the door for Noah to come in. He is looking around, and reaches up for my hand, I take his hand again and we look at the art as Bette appears to be very busy with an older lady.

    I feel Bette’s eyes on me and I turn and smile at her. Noah is looking at the art not sure what to make of it. As Bette and the lady approach us,

    “Hey,” Bette says smiling.

    I can’t help but smile back at her.


    “Hi Mama, This is colourful,” Noah points to the abstract art we’ve been looking at.

    “It is buddy,” Bette replies much to the shock of the older woman, “It’s an abstract piece.”

    “Oh,” Noah says, I can’t help but smile at him. since living with Bette he is getting into art, with much of Bette’s encouragement.

    “Tina, this is Peggy Peabody, Peggy this is my domestic partner Tina and her son Noah,”

    “Nice to meet you,” Peggy says.

    “Nice to meet you too, I’m sorry we’ve interrupted your meeting,”

    “No, no I dropped in on Bette, hoping to find a new piece for my new man.”

    “Noah,” Bette says, “Would you like a drink?”

    “please mama,” Noah let go of my hand and took Bette’s and they walked away. I could hear them talking about his school day.

    “I never thought I’d ever hear anyone call Bette Porter Mama,”

    “Your daughter said the same thing,”

    “oh Helena. She never mentioned a child. Just that Bette had settled down.”

    “You know Bette well,”

    “I’ve known here for a number of years. She’s had a deep sadness in her. since you’ve come into her life, she’s alive and light again.”

    I nod taking in the words.

    “I don’t think I expected to follow her across the US,” I smile.

    “Has Noah settled well?”

    “Yes,” Why am I finding it so easy to speak to this woman, “He adores Bette. I just want him happy,”

    “He looks it.” Peggy smiles at me. “Bette tells me you work for a film studio, that you are head of creative,”

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    1. Promotion can be good but not if it means you spend less with your family.
      I hope Peggy loves the short story Tina send her.

      Bette is so supportive and is so attuned to Tina’s emotions.

      Love this story!

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