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    A Different L: Episode 8 Part 2

    As the day progresses, three women walk along Santa Monica with the beach in sight and the pier nearby. They are not here for sight seeing however. This is business with Patty Spivot leading the way for Chloe and Renee.

    Patty: It is a given that every weekend, at some point Supergirl will do a fly-by here.

    Renee: She flies across everywhere. What makes this place so different?

    Patty: Here, she’s been known to hover. Every weekend, either on a Saturday or Sunday.

    Chloe: Sounds like she likes the beach, or maybe the big Ferris wheel.

    Renee: Or the sunset.

    Patty: I don’t think it’s that. There’s a kinship she has here. Crime isn’t exactly high near the pier, but she likes to come here anyway.

    Renee: Yeah, but she’s also been known to hit some of the rougher neighborhoods.

    Chloe: What she’s done to curb gang violence is amazing.

    Patty turns to both partners, her arms crossed.

    Patty: Knowing what she’s capable of, I can see why people may fear getting on her bad side. From politicians to thugs alike. When she was exposed to an item that was able to alter her mind, she became even more dangerous. I’m sure you remember that.

    Chloe: Yeah, but she also snapped out of it.

    Renee: With help. Or so I’ve heard.

    Patty: You’re speaking about Maxwell Lord. You’ll notice Max hasn’t been particularly active lately. Since aiding Supergirl and Cat Grant in the “message of hope heard ‘round the world,” he’s kept quiet. Lord knows what Supergirl is capable of, too. Supergirl can become our greatest ally or our greatest threat this side of Captain America.

    Chloe: Well… here’s to hope.

    While Chloe hopes for Supergirl to retain her better nature, Laurel is back to training after some rest with a man who once patrolled the streets as a vigilante himself. His name is Ted Grant, formerly known in the vigilante underworld as Wildcat. It is a training room with a punching bag for non-powered heroes to practice on.

    Ted: Remember, every day is the first ever practice. You gotta be ready.

    Laurel continues boxing away at the bag with Ted coaching her on.

    Ted: Left jab, left jab, right cross! Come on!

    Laurel follows the commands, sweat pouring out as she does. Ted looks over and sees a woman in what appears to be an outfit fresh from an office room. Laurel sees Ted looking away from her and towards the door, causing Laurel to turn around. Laurel sees her and feels a sense of relief. Laurel can see her shaking.

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