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    Crossing The Streams 4 – The Two Rays

    Between universes lies a nexus point. From that point lies a seeming infinity and for the ghost of Egon Spengler, he has reached that point with a familiarity of coming home. From here, the possibilities look endless, but he knows the threat his world and the adjacent one he has just left are up against. It is time to return to his native Earth and deliver the news.

    1996, Chicago.

    Egon is on his way to meet an old friend and slime him.

    2016, New York, the adjacent world in question is home to a date night that earlier involved An American Tail for entertainment and now involves pizza in the break room. While Erin calmly chews on yet another slice, Jillian feels content moving her slice up and down, pretending it is a bird flying above the table before making a mock yell and devouring half the slice in one bite, followed by an attempt at evil laughter, her mouth still stuffed and chewing. Erin looks on in amusement.

    Erin: So this is how you win over your dates.

    Jillian’s eyes shift to her left where Erin sits. She finishes chewing and delivers an audible gulp for swallowing.

    Jillian: When I was a child, I was told not to play with my food. Now I’m an adult so I have a legal right to do this now. And yes. I think. Is it working?

    Erin smiles in her response.

    Erin: You always have so much energy.

    Jillian: Well…

    Jillian inspects what is left of her slice while Erin takes another bite of her own and chews.

    Jillian: …I like keeping myself going. Makes it harder for everything else to catch up.

    Erin: Like you’re trying to run away from something?

    Jillian shrugs as she takes another bite.

    Erin: You don’t always have to operate at breakneck speed.

    Jillian: Yeah I do. It’s how I do things. But don’t worry, with you and the rest of the family I try to be a little more careful. You’re taking another look at the samples tonight?

    Erin: Barring any emergencies, yes. Abby and Patty were mostly focused on making sure you weren’t in any danger, but I have a feeling there’s more to that slime. I still remember the effect it had on you coming out of the library.

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