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    L-topia Part 1

    The morning routine is just that for Bette Porter. It is routine. The alarm, the morning shower, the preparation for venturing out into the world with a half-hour drive to the California Arts Center where her office is. For her girlfriend, Tina Kennard the day is a little different. Sleep in a little more while Bette readies herself, the farewell kiss before she departs, and then preparing for her own day.

    Tina opens her eyes as Bette enters the room one last time before leaving for work.

    Tina “Looking sharp, Ms. Porter.”

    Bette grins as she leans down to her love with a kiss on the lips.

    Bette “How much do you plan on getting done today?”

    Tina “I’m in the home stretch. Should be finished by the afternoon and then I can just email it and let the office people do whatever they’re gonna do with it.”

    Bette grins as she turns to leave only to turn back.

    Bette “Oh, don’t forget Shane’s new roommate’s supposed to be showing up this morning.”

    Tina “Oh, shit that’s right. I’m sure she’ll give her a good welcome to LA.”

    Bette “Okay, I’ll be back for lunch.  Love you.”

    Tina ”Love you.”

    As Bette exits, Tina begins to stretch as she rises out of bed. She has her own day ahead which will begin with the morning jog.

    Next door, Shane McCutcheon is looking over the house once again to make sure everything is set. She has been looking forward to her new roommate to arrive from Illinois. She has received the call and the new roomie is on her way.

    Just South of the homes of Bette and Tina, and Shane is a cafe known as the Planet. It is run by Marina Ferrer who is there this morning helping the staff look after customers. Among them are a couple of friends, Alice Pieszecki and Dana Fairbanks.

    Marina “And how’s the salad?”

    Dana “Good! Thanks.”

    Marina “Where’s Shane?”

    Alice finishes her sip of coffee from the mug.

    Alice “She’s waiting on that Illinois girl to show up.”

    Dana “That’s today?”

    Alice “Mm hm. She called her earlier this morning to let her know she was in West Hollywood.”

    Dana “That’s gotta be weird. Getting a roommate you haven’t met face to face yet.”

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