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    Chapter 2

    ”Should be interesting to see how you play. Maybe we can play one on one today after school?” We had stopped outside my classroom, all the other students had already walked in. It was just her and I standing in the hall but her body was angled quite close to mine, I could smell the perfume she wore wafting through the stale, deserted corridor. It was an intoxicating concoction that only sufficed to make her more attractive to me.

    Forgetting that I hadn’t given her an answer, a cute frown graced her perfectly tinted eyebrows, I quickly stammered, ”Yeah that would be great. So…see you at lunch?”

    ”Uhm…I probably won’t be joining you guys for lunch, but I’ll meet you at the gym after last period?” She seemed upset at the fact that she wouldn’t be absent from her friends at lunch but I didn’t ask any unnecessary questions. I agreed to meet her at the gym and then we parted ways, heading to our respective classes, with the smell of that perfume drifting away with her. I just watched her aimlessly, completely taken with the sway of her hips as she left me deserted in the cold, harsh corridor and late for my class.


    I could hear the blood thundering through my veins as the ball was thrusted into my awaiting hands. Callie hunched low in her defensive stance watching me vigilantly with those piercing brown eyes, scrutinizing my every move in an attempt to figure out my move before I made it. It was game point, I had never met someone so matched in skill and pace as myself, it was refreshing. And hot. Extremely hot. Callie had stripped down to her sports bra and sweat slicked her entire bronzed torso. Focusing on putting the ball in the hoop was the only thing keeping me from lunging and having my way with her right then and there.

    Noticing she dropped her foot back just a half step in preparation was all I needed, faking hard to the left then cross dribbling behind my back I had a free stretch to the open basket. Deciding not to show up the school’s captain I finished with a simple lay-up. Swiveling around I was aware Callie was staring in what looked like shock – shock that she’d been beaten by the new kid maybe? I still tease her about that game to this day.


    1. I like this series, and the two girls in particular. is a cute couple together. I only regret not more developed their relationship on the screen (but maybe here) :)
      I like the way you write, I love to see the story on the basis of Arizona’s narrative that you gently link the past with little reference to the present.
      I look forward to the next chapter.

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