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    Chapter 2

    ”Yeah. No. Sure, you can totally sit here. We are friends…I guess.” Awkward. Awkward. Awkward.

    ”You guess? Well we’ll have to hang out more so you’re sure.” Callie followed this statement with a wink. A sultry, bat of her beautiful chocolate-colored eyes. I blushed furiously again. She was such a natural flirt, she didn’t even realize what she was doing to me. I felt like I should tell her I was a lesbian, but then again, she may have taken it the wrong way and we were in a very public setting, bringing up that conversation right now may not bode well. I felt like I had ’I’m Into You’ tattooed across my forehead when I talked to her.

    Before we could say anything else to one another, the teacher interrupted our slightly intense gazing, that I hadn’t realized was happening until it stopped, and told us to concentrate on the work she had set us.

    By the end of the lesson every set of partners in our class were given a project to complete for lab classes which would be held on a Wednesday and Friday’s. Therefore Callie would get what she wanted and we would have to hang out, even if it was just for homework. I had never been so glad I picked Chemistry in all my life. Which is so unbelievably pathetic. Then I remembered I was trying to get this girl out of my head. Aw well, there goes that plan.

    Walking out of the class she offered to show me to my next class, I decided not to mention that I was well aware of where the classroom was situated. I thought, if my plan to get her out of my plan had failed before I’d even started, why even bother.

    ”You psyched for try outs tomorrow?” she asked curiously.

    ”Yeah, I can’t wait!” Basketball was the one thing that distracted me from everything, and I was good. That’s not boasting, it’s just fact – I can throw a ball into a hoop fairly accurately according to my stats last season. It’s a form of escape and I get to see many fit girls in shorts and tanks – it tends to be a win, win situation. For me anyways.


    1. I like this series, and the two girls in particular. is a cute couple together. I only regret not more developed their relationship on the screen (but maybe here) :)
      I like the way you write, I love to see the story on the basis of Arizona’s narrative that you gently link the past with little reference to the present.
      I look forward to the next chapter.

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