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    ”Woah.” She said, walking towards the table.

    The man couldn’t have been much older than Piper. His body was covered from head to toe in tattoos. His abdomen was cut in a Y shape going from the edges of his collar bones down to below his navel, nearly reaching his groin, slicing his intricate tattoos in half. Piper watched as Alex took a scalpel and cut the twine holding his flesh together. The flaps of skin were flayed open and inside his body was a red bag with the word BIOHAZARD strewn across it.

    ”What the hell is that?” Piper asked in disgusted curiosity.

    ”His organs.” Alex answered, carefully taking the bag and placing it on the prep room floor near her feet.

    Piper watched Alex cut the twine that held the flesh on the man’s head together. His scalp loosened, showing the inside of his empty skull. Piper felt the same way she had on her first day when she’d walked in and seen Nichols working on a body for the first time.

    ”Hey! Piper!” Lorna called, snapping Piper out of her trance. ”Let’s get goin’. That body ain’t gonna remove itself.”

    ”Coming!” Piper said. ”Shit I forgot my jacket. Lemme grab that and I’ll be back.”

    ”Meet ya in the van.” Lorna replied.

    Piper hurried back to Alex’s office to grab her jacket off the back of the chair. When she entered Alex’s office, she found Poussey rummaging through one of the drawers.

    ”Oh. Hi.” Piper said.

    ”Hi.” Poussey closed the drawer and stood up straight.

    ”What’re you uh…Whatcha doin’?” Piper asked.

    ”Just looking for something. Taystee, sorry, Tasha, sent me in here. She needed a document.” Poussey said, shrugging her shoulders. ”But, I’m not seeing it.”

    ”Okay. I just wanted my jacket.” Piper slid her jacket off the back of the chair and turned to leave.

    ”Hey, Piper.” Poussey said. Piper turned back around.

    ”Nobody needs to know about this, right? I mean, technically Tasha is also one of the bosses. So it’s not like I’m doing anything wrong. It would just…sound like something it isn’t, you know?” Poussey rubbed the back of her neck.

    ”Yeah, no.” Piper shook her head. ”I wasn’t planning on telling anybody.”

    ”Awesome.” Poussey smiled. ”Knew I liked you for a reason.” Piper smiled back and made her way back down the staircase to the hallway. As she passed the prep room door, she caught a bit of Nicky and Alex’s conversation. They were whispering to each other.

    You have got to get this shit tight, Nicky. Taystee came real fuckin’ close to driving that body to the airport last week because your guy was too fuckin’ drunk to take care of it.” Alex hissed.

    You think I don’t know that? I took care of it. Drop it.” Nicky replied, a slight tone of hostility in her voice.

    We need someone better than your guy, Nicky. If Taystee had been caught with that, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.”

    And you think I could? I’m working on it. If you’re that worried about it how about you do it.”

    Yeah Nicky, because I can just leave-”

    ”Hey!” Lorna called from the doorway leading into the garage. ”You comin’ or not?” She asked in annoyance.

    ”What? Oh. Yeah.” Piper answered, following Lorna into the van.


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