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    ”So, you like margaritas huh?”

    Alex managed to convince Piper to join her at a local pub. It was a place Piper had never been to before but she was enjoying the scene. There were minimal people, the inside was brightly lit with neon signs hanging from every wall. Every inch of the brick walls were decorated with band posters and stickers. Alex was noticeably a regular as the bartender greeted her by name as the two entered.

    The two women took a seat at the bar, Alex ordering two margaritas, and covered the tab. All these things to look at, yet Piper found herself watching the way Alex winked when she thanked the bartender.

    ”So, how’re you liking the job?” Alex asked, sipping her margarita.

    ”I could do without the rotting, decomposing, fluid leaking bodies. Otherwise, it’s fantastic.” Piper smiled and stirred her margarita with her straw.

    ”Yeah. The decomps are…something.” Alex laughed. ”Are they keeping you up at night yet?”

    ”Yes!” Piper exclaimed. ”Is that normal? I thought I was being a baby about it!”

    ”It’s one hundred percent normal.” Alex nodded. ”I’ve still got a few that haunt me.”

    ”Sounds like me with exes.” Piper joked.

    ”Oh yeah? Like who?” Alex pushed.

    ”A uh…a girlfriend. A girlfriend from college.”

    ”Girlfriend?!” Alex nudged Piper’s arm playfully.

    ”What? Is it that surprising?” Piper asked. Alex shrugged her shoulders and cocked her eyebrow the way she always did.

    ”I just…never took you for a woman who liked other women.”

    ”There’s a lot more to me than what a lot of people take me as.” Piper flirted. She couldn’t tell if it was the red lights behind the bar counter or if it was Alex blushing that caused the pink hue to spread across her porcelain face.

    Piper’s phone began to vibrate, making her nearly gone margarita ripple in its glass. She picked it up, checking the screen. It was Larry.

    ”Oh no-”

    ”Answer it. I’m sure he’s wondering where you are.” Alex said, finishing off her margarita.

    ”No.” Piper allowed it to ring. ”I don’t really wanna talk to him right now.”

    ”Two more. Add a couple shots of tequila too.” Alex signalled to the bartender.

    ”You don’t play around, do you?” Piper laughed.

    ”Only when it comes to the pleasurable things in life.” Alex slid a shot to Piper before picking up her own. ”Ready?”


    1. This is an interesting story…. mixture of romance, trying to make a buisness survive, competitive nature of women, being engaged to someone with life goals which may not match your own, and being in a buisness that deals with the dark side of life. And sprinkle in some illegal drug usage and shady characters. I’m ready to read some more…

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