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    “Ran Out”

    After seeing her biggest relationship fear come true, she didn’t know what to do? Not only was Rose her girlfriend, but she was one of her closest friends. To see her taken over by relief and emotion … to see her kissing her “lost love”…was too much. For the first time in her life, she had no words…only tears. She ran right passed, them, nearly knocking them over, and out the front door.

    Down the stairs, across the front lawn and down the sidewalk, down the street and kept going. She had no idea where she was running to. She had to keep moving. She ran for nearly 20 minutes with so many thoughts running through her mind.
    “I knew she would chose her over me. Of course she did. She probably didn’t even want me to begin with. Why did I even bother? I should have known better. I knew I could never live up to Vanessa”. She kept seeing them kiss over and over in her head.

    This internal struggle has been plaguing Claire since she first heard about Vanessa. She tried to play it off cool and be a friend first to Rose. But she didn’t want a friendship. She wants a relationship. She wants Rose to be her girlfriend. She wants to hold her, slow dance with her, kiss her. But that is gone. “She forgot me. Instantly, she forgot all about me. How could she forget me so easily?”

    Claire turned into a park and began to slow down. She was exhausted, but still refused to stop moving. She kept walking. Taking deep breaths, still crying. She had never been to this park before, so she picked a path and kept walking. Her phone buzzed her pocket. She didn’t even look at it. She didn’t want to have to deal with anyone right now. Not her mother, not her friends and certainly not Rose. What was the point? She could just imagine the apologies, fake apologies that coincided with “but”’s and “if only”’s. she put it on silent and back in her pocket.

    Finally, having no strength left to move, she laid down on the grass under a tree and looked up at the sky through its branches. Wiping her eyes clean of her tears, she closed them. She listed to the wind blow, the bugs buzzing, and the geese nearby.

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      • Sorry this is like 2 months late, but I have not been on here since I wrote that due to finishing grad school….6 days to go. But thank you. I haven’t written fanfiction before. Just a big fan of the show and I don’t think they get into claire’s character enough. Thanks for your feedback!
        I don’t follow Caitlyn on twitter. What would her name be on there?

    1. I really like your story! I really hope you write more about Claire and Maddie’s friendship in the future! Maybe you can continue this story? Anyway you’re a really good writer and I really liked the interaction between Claire and Maddie.

      • Thank you! Claire is an awesome character and I think she has more to say then she has been able to. I think she needed a good role model to have a friendship with where there was no chance of romance. Sometimes thats just what you need. I hope to write more once grad school finishes this month. Thanks for reading! (PS, grad school is why I have not responded until now).

        • I totally agree! I really like Claire and sometimes I’m sad that they don’t give her more storyline. I think they could do so much more with her character! And I totally relate with having a good role model to have as a friendship and nothing more. Good luck on grad school! I totally understand, I’m also busy with school right now! Anyway I think you did a great job on this one!

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