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    Chapter 8 – Mid October

    Seeing that all the prep work was done, she went back to her study and continued her work. Things were not going as fast as she wanted, but she was making progress. At some point in the early afternoon, Jim and a crew came in to make what he believed would be the final delivery. Bette hurried down stairs to talk to him about hanging the paintings. Jim had found the two paintings of the nudes in the formal sitting room and was admiring them by the time Bette got down stairs.

    Jim:  Bette, these are magnificent. Where do you want to hang them?

    Bette:  The master bedroom. Yes, they are lovely aren’t they. Next week, I will have all my pieces that I am keeping delivered from Porter Gallery. I also have purchased a couple of pieces while we were in Philadelphia. We want the old woman painting to be hung on a wall near the piano. The sculpture? I’ll let you decided where it should go. In fact, you should decide where the rest should go. I do suggest that the water color paintings might go in Angie’s bedroom. And the abstract by Allyn Burns should go in our formal study.  Hang them in a group or whatever you can work out. Oh, and one other thing. We have a small sculpture on the patio. That is a temporary sculpture. One that looks like that and twice that size will be here in about three weeks. If you could assist Tina with placement and the installation, I would appreciate it. As far as the temporary, one, just place it somewhere so it will look nice. But nothing permanent on that one until the big one gets here. And of course, bill me for these services.

    Jim:  I understand you are buying a house in New Haven Connecticut for your daughter.

    Bette: Yes, we are. She wants out of the dorms at Yale, so we are going to get her a house. We expect to sell the house after she finishes at Yale. That could be 2 years or it could be 5 years. But we are going to need your services if you are willing to take it on?

    Jim: Sounds like something I would like to do. What do you think you will require?


    1. This is such a lovely story.
      I love how attentive Bette and Tina are to each other and their family. Margaret has fitted in well and become part of the family and I have a feeling her and Mary are going to become close friends as well.
      Oh well, off to Bear Mountain for fun and relaxation…can’t wait , thank you !

    2. Janice… Both Bette and Tina were raised without a caring mother during their childhood. Tina’s mother although present had no interest in her children. So they both have somewhat subconsciously been looking for mother figures in their lives. Peggy has taken on that role for Bette until she found Mary. Her relationship with Mary has been long distance and been evolving. So now that they live in Los Angeles along with Paris and Kit, it seems like a natural progression for Mary to move to Los Angeles. Margaret joining the household is an act of the universe and for Tina gives her a surrogate mother figure. Yes, Margaret is a wonderful addition to the family. She and Mary provide companionship for each other so that they do not feel that they are a burden on Bette and Tina. They fill a need for each of them to have a social partner in the household as well as the family. And the house is large enough to provide each member some private space when that is desired as well. It is the ideal arrangement for both of them in their stage of life. However, Bette and Tina want both of these women to have their independence and lead the lives they wish to live for as long as they are able. You see, they really are capable of giving support and comfort and yet the space to lead their own lives. Margaret is the ideal person to assist Mary with this monumental move in her life. And both Mary and Margaret are getting the family back in their life which they both deeply desire. I particularly wanted Bette and Tina to realize and act that both of these women are adults capable of directing their own lives and not children or additional dependents.

      Thanks for reading and commenting…

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