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    Chapter 8 – Mid October

    Bette: If renovations are needed, there will be 6 months to get them completed. And of course, that will start sometime in January. So, material deliveries are going to be a problem at least until then end of March. I am going to want a reasonable functioning kitchen, bathrooms, all with showers preferably. It needs to have a laundry room and good storage areas. The garage needs to be in reasonable condition and ready to accommodate vehicles.  It will need to be fully furnished including window treatments, linens and kitchen ware. I want it in good repair before she occupies it which will be the first of September next year. Oh, and it may need a security system of some sort. There will be 3 or 4 young people occupying the home. There needs to be comfortable common areas, good space for individual study and group study as well. It should be well insulated and ready for cold winters and for hot summers. I want middle of road furnishings. Not heritage pieces but something someone is not embarrassed to own as well.

    Jim:  Embarrassed to own?

    Bette:  Bean bag chairs? Day beds? That kind of stuff.  I don’t mind Murphy beds but not futons. Oh, and you can assume that every bedroom will be occupied by a sexually active young adult. So, provide accordingly.

    Jim:  Wow… never had those kinds of instructions before. But it makes sense. So, when do you think I can actually see the place?

    Bette:  When we make a decision and close on the place. We will keep you posted. Oh, and we will pay your usual fee and travel expenses provided you are not flying every other day. I hope you have some contacts to get some good workman.

    Jim: I’m more concerned about getting materials on the site than getting the labor.  No materials, no work gets done. But it’s going to be what it’s going to be. Any chance we could get started earlier than January 1st.

    Bette: Yes, there is always a chance. I will let you know as quickly as I know. I am going to try to close as quickly as I can when I find the right place. I know we are under a clock here. I’ll do the best I can.


    1. This is such a lovely story.
      I love how attentive Bette and Tina are to each other and their family. Margaret has fitted in well and become part of the family and I have a feeling her and Mary are going to become close friends as well.
      Oh well, off to Bear Mountain for fun and relaxation…can’t wait , thank you !

    2. Janice… Both Bette and Tina were raised without a caring mother during their childhood. Tina’s mother although present had no interest in her children. So they both have somewhat subconsciously been looking for mother figures in their lives. Peggy has taken on that role for Bette until she found Mary. Her relationship with Mary has been long distance and been evolving. So now that they live in Los Angeles along with Paris and Kit, it seems like a natural progression for Mary to move to Los Angeles. Margaret joining the household is an act of the universe and for Tina gives her a surrogate mother figure. Yes, Margaret is a wonderful addition to the family. She and Mary provide companionship for each other so that they do not feel that they are a burden on Bette and Tina. They fill a need for each of them to have a social partner in the household as well as the family. And the house is large enough to provide each member some private space when that is desired as well. It is the ideal arrangement for both of them in their stage of life. However, Bette and Tina want both of these women to have their independence and lead the lives they wish to live for as long as they are able. You see, they really are capable of giving support and comfort and yet the space to lead their own lives. Margaret is the ideal person to assist Mary with this monumental move in her life. And both Mary and Margaret are getting the family back in their life which they both deeply desire. I particularly wanted Bette and Tina to realize and act that both of these women are adults capable of directing their own lives and not children or additional dependents.

      Thanks for reading and commenting…

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