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    A Day in the Park pt. 1


    Alphaville Studios….


    The following day, Tina is in her office listening to the Agent representing the high-profile actor sitting in front of her typing away on his phone.

    ”…Listen, this is the deal we’re willing to make here….” The agent tells Tina with a smirk.

    Tina sighs and leans back in her chair. ”You and I both know that’s a ridiculous deal; no studio on the planet will give into that…”

    The agent smiles and shrugs as he leans back in his chair and crosses his legs. ”You willing to let us walk out of this office to find out?”

    Tina rolls her eyes and then turns and looks at the actor, who’s laughing at something on his phone. ”Uh, Vinny—”

    ”Actually, we’re pivoting to V…” The agent says as he looks at his phone.

    ”What?” Tina asks.

    ”Instead of Vinny, he just wants to go with V…. the fan seems to like it so…”

    Tina sighs. ”Fine…V…. are you really going to sit there and allow your representation to sabotage this deal for you?”

    The agent narrows his eyes and clenches his jaw. ”That’s it…. we’re done….” He says as he stands up. ”I’ll be sure to let your boss know that his brand-new exec just lost one of the hottest actors to ever walk through these doors. Good luck….”

    The agent then snaps his fingers at his client. ”V… let’s go….”

    Tina shakes her head and leans back in her chair. ”V, I caught you on a few late-night talk shows a few years ago when you were promoting that movie Shark Bait….”

    The agent laughs and winks at Tina. ”Oh, you mean the movie that debuted at number one…”

    ”Yeah …. Anyway, you’ve been saying since then that you want to star in a movie that your little brother can go see…that you want him to experience coming to one of your premieres…”

    V finally looks up from his phone. ”Yeah….and?”

    Tina shrugs. ”And we’re offering you the role of an animated soccer player….” Tina taps the script sitting on her desk. ”This is the project you’re looking for, V… this is going to be a very big, successful animation that will catapult whomever we get to star in it to the stratosphere….so I’m gonna ask you again…” Tina keeps her eyes on V as she points to his agent. ”Are you going to allow this man, who works for you, by the way, to sabotage this deal by asking for ridiculous demands? We’re willing to work with you to get what you want, but you have to give a little here….”

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    1. I love Angi’s reaction to learning that Bette is her other mother. And Bette is so happy.

      Dani’s appearance is a bit annoying to me

      I can’t wait for the next chapter, I hope it won’t be too long to come ❤️

    2. Can i just say that this is part of my life now? That not a day goes by that i don’t check for updates, eventhough i know you post on weekends. This re-write is soooooooo exciting!!

      I love that we can see a badass Tina here in her exec role. Alpha Tina is always a turn on!

      Can’t wait for the next chapter! Michelle will be so thrilled to know about Dani. HAHAHA

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