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    Family Dinner

    The same night, Bette hops out of her car, hands her keys to the valet, and thanks him for her ticket before she hurries into the upscale restaurant.

    When Bette enters, a well-dressed hostess greets her with a smile. ”Hi, how may I help you?”

    ”I’m here for the Adams’ 40th Anniversary Party?” Bette says with a gentle smile.

    The Hostess points her towards the private area just as Bette sees her wife walking toward her.

    ”Baby, you’re late…” Michelle says as she checks her watch.

    Bette pecks Michelle on the lips. ”I know, I’m sorry…”

    Michelle then straightens Bette’s suit jacket. ”I thought you were gonna go home and change after work?”

    ”I know. I stopped by The Planet and got sidetracked, so I didn’t have time….”

    ”Oh…” Michelle smooths down Bette’s shirt and then smiles when she notices Bette’s seemingly upbeat attitude. ”You certainly seem to be in a good mood this evening…”

    Bette smiles and wraps her arm around Michelle’s waist. ”I’ll tell you later….”

    Michelle leans in, pecks Bette on the lips, and then grabs her hand. ”Come on. You better wish my parents a happy anniversary before my mom notices the time….”

    Bette chuckles and allows herself to be dragged away……




    Tina’s house…


    Tina walks into her bedroom and sighs as she balances her phone between her shoulder and ear and kicks her heels off. ”Baby, do we have to talk about this now?”

    ”Well, you just told me you decided to tell Angie about Bette, so yeah, I kinda wanna discuss it, Tina….” Danielle says.

    Tina unbuttons her blouse and steps into her closet. ”You knew this was a probable scenario when I came back…”

    ”Maybe, but nothing was set in stone….and definitely not this soon….”

    Tina exits the closet wearing only her sky blue matching bra and panty set and walks over to the dresser in the corner. ”I know it seems soon, but it feels right… I mean, you should see the way Angie just lights up around her….” Tina says as s she slides a t-shirt over her head. ”It’s almost like she already knows or something….”

    ”Yeah, sounds awesome…” Danielle sarcastically says.

    Tina sighs and sits down on her bed. ”Sweetie, I know you’re feeling a bit left out, but Angelica getting to know Bette has no bearing on what we have…you know Angie’s crazy about you; we both are….”

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    1. To me, one thing is for certain. Michelle is not making Bette’s life any easier. She is making it more difficult for Bette to have a reasonable relationship with Angie. And if she keeps up this attitude of vengeance, she is going to cause Bette to lay down some boundaries in order to keep peace in the household. Michelle may not like what Tina did to Bette and even to the rest of the gang. But it is up to each individual to determine what their relationship will be going forward with Tina. And dear Michelle needs to understand that a future relationship between Bette and her daughter is going to mean a relationship with Angie’s mother as well. And everyone can enter this in the sprit of cooperation and hope, or they can foster vengeance and resentment. Michelle needs to realize that she is not the victim of Tina’s actions. And those who were victims will determine their own path forward. My advice to Michelle is to take a more neutral stance and see where this is headed for Bette. Her life will be a whole lot easier if she does.

      Thanks for the chapter… cannot wait to read more.

    2. I sympathize with Michelle & Dani bc they were the ones who shouldered the emotional burden to nurse our favorite couple back to life.

      Bette recovering to the point of re-marrying and becoing a Mom.

      And Tina committed to Dani but not engaged right?

      M&D “suspect” that the Tibette ‘ship must have very amorous and intense . . .

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