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    A Day in the Park pt. 2



    Tina’s house…




    Tina pops the top of a beer and hands it to Dani, who’s leaning against the counter.

    ”Thanks…” Dani says as she accepts the bottle. She takes a sip and then shrugs. ”So, you actually did it, huh?”

    Tina glances at Dani and sighs. ”Yes. I told you I was…”

    ”I know. I know, I just… I thought you would pace yourself a bit, maybe give yourself time to get your bearings. I mean, you just jumped feet first the second you guys landed here….”

    Tina leans against the counter and shrugs. ”I know, I just didn’t want it to seem like I was hiding….it was only a matter of time before I ran into one of them…”

    ”Not necessarily… L. A isn’t exactly a small town, Tina….”

    Tina chuckles. ”It may not seem like it, but trust me, it can feel pretty small once you’re here…”

    Tina studies Dani’s tense demeanor. ”Why is this bothering you so much?”

    Dani looks up and gently smiles. ”It’s not…”

    ”Well, it certainly seems like it is…”

    ”I’m sorry… I’m just a little disappointed that Angie wasn’t with you…”

    Tina gives Dani a sympathetic smile. ”Well, she’ll be back soon…”

    Dani smiles suggestively as she sits her beer on the counter. ”Exactly how soon?”

    Tina smiles and then laughs when Dani kisses her neck. ”I have no idea, but I doubt we have that much time…”

    ”It won’t take long…”

    Tina smiles as she gently nudges Dani away. ”Trust me, I understand how you’re feeling, but I don’t wanna start something we can’t finish….”

    Dani gently nods. ”You’re right, I guess….”

    Tina pecks Dani on the lips. ”Later for sure…. come on, let me give you a tour of the house….”

    Tina grabs Dani’s hand and drags her out of the kitchen……




    About an hour later, Bette slowly pulls into a driveway, hoping she has the right address. She cuts the engine and then turns and smiles at her sleeping daughter in the backseat. She hops out of the car and lifts the little girl in her arms.

    Angie nestles her head in the crook of Bette’s neck as she throws her little arm around her mother’s neck.


    1. Thanks for posting this story again. I am enjoying rereading it, I am remembering how much I dislike Michelle. Just waiting for some sign from Bette that she still finds Tina attractive. I forgot how far into the story that takes place. We already know Tina is realizing she still has feelings. Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate it.

    2. Dani is very annoying and the confrontations between Tina and Michelle are very funny .
      I like that Bette and Tina don’t fight and that, even a little bit, the magic that always surrounds them is peeking out
      I can’t wait to

    3. Oh these insecure gals! They can just feel the pull Bette and Tina have for each other. Don’t mess with Tina, Michelle. Putting people feeling ‘high and mighty’ in their place is a walk in the park for her.

      Thank you for the 2 updates this week! :)

    4. Hey guys, I see this story has totally different approach and I like it a lot (read the first 2 chapters).
      So, how long the original story was? I’d like to wait a little more so I can “binge” reading :)

    5. Oh my…. Michelle? What Tina did to Bette and what Bette did to Tina is none of your damn buisness. Your role is to support Bette and be a good partner to Bette and a good mother to Mickey and to those people you call friends. Bette is the other mother to Angie so you best decide that you are going to adjust to that situation or you best figure out how you are going live without Bette. Bette is bonded to Angie and to Mickey. And having a relationship with Angie means a relationship with Tina. Make it work Michelle or perhaps you need to explore other alternatives knowing that Bette will not be your spouse. She will just be a co-parent with you for Mickey and Tina for Angie.

      Dani? What was Tina suppose to do? She only been in LA for about a week. She sees these people for about an hour and they are suppose to be completely up to date on 6 years of absence? And what is this deal about Bette being tall? She has as much control over the fact she is tall as you do over you being short. Well… that relationship is not going to last long. Long distance…. not secure in your own physical being and your girl friend has yet to post your picture and your relationship with her on social media yet. Gees…. maybe Tina and Bette should introduce you to Michelle? Maybe you two have something in common?

      What a chapter…. thanks… cannot wait for the next one. Entertaining story.

      • Dani’s angst about Bette being “tall” had to do w/ ” well not only is she make-your-heart skip a beat GORGEOUS, she’s tall and sexy too . . . how am I suppose to compete with that???!!!

          • Right.

            But I wonder if Michelle has sensed that Bette’s soul has yet to be “fully” open to her.

            She must have some idea of how much Tina mattered to Bette. And how much the loss of their unborn son meant to them.

            We all know how proficient Bette has been at “wall building” around her heart. Though admittedly becoming a Mom has helped her in allowing emotions/tears to be seen

    6. The dyamics btwn Michelle & Dani will be interesting in that they know their partners have a “past” ‘ship . . . but I dont think they perceive how connected Tibette’s souls communicated when physical.

      I think Angie will have a PROFOUND affect on her Moms ad their current partnersas she innocently speaks from a pure heart. For example:

      Mommy you always smile when I talk about “B” . . .does she make U happy?

    7. I thankfully found your NEW/REDO of Home Again! This one is a very different approach, with a lot more push back from Bette and the Gang! I really dislike Michelle and INSECURE Dani in both stories. Michelle has got some nerves to step to Tina like she did. Glad Tina put her in check…I GIVE ZERO FVCKS ABOUT HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT ME!!! And that lil insecure Dani, took ONE LOOK at the Gorgeous and TALL Bette Porter and lost her shyt! HAHAHAHA

      Angie LOVES her MAMA B already! She felt a Connection Instantly it Seemed.

      I miss the LOVE between Bette and Tina in this story. I KNOW they have a Long Way to Go…

      Always LOVE your Stories! Thanks for the update.

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