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    After the First Kiss (Tina POV)


    Tina, pull yourself together.  It was a one time thing, ok?  Besides you have a boyfriend – Bette knows that.  I mean Eric introduced you as his girlfriend, right?  Tina’s phone began ringing and rescued her from the pool of confusing thought she was drowning in.  She looked at the caller ID to see Eric’s name, let out a small snort and answered, “Hey, babe.”


    “Hey,” he said, obviously chewing on some chips or crackers.  “The show was amazing, don’t you think?  By the way, where are you?  I wanted to talk about where to put that print we decided to get and resize.”


    “Oh, um, I just decided to take a drive.  The show gave me a lot to think about,” Tina said wistfully.  A lot to think about indeed.  Mainly a gorgeous brunette.  “I’ll be home shortly and we can talk, ok?”


    “Ok,” Eric said between chomps, “see you soon.”


    Tina stayed at the overlook for almost another hour, staring at the twinkling night lights of Los Angeles and wondering what would happen, if anything, regarding the events of the evening.


    When Tina pulled in the driveway it was a quarter to one, so she quietly slipped in the door, and padded to Eric’s bedroom.  He was sound asleep with a bag of opened chips on the nightstand and the TV still on.   A rerun of one of those house hunter shows was playing on low volume.  Tina sighed and turned off the TV, put the bag of chips away and got into her pajamas.  She went to the bathroom and then started to remove her earrings.  Oh, God, she thought.  She closed her eyes for a moment and then opened them, staring at herself directly in the mirror.  Just go to bed, Tina.  Tomorrow will be different and this whole thing will blow over.


    Tina crawled into bed beside Eric and a few moments later she felt his arm around her.  Oh, God what have I done?  She fell asleep with images of Bette dancing through her mind.




    One week later Tina had gotten into a routine of keeping herself so busy at work that she did not have any time for daydreaming, or letting her thoughts drift to “you-know-who.”    She was glad for the distraction of Alphaville this and that, and she even got a few comments from her superiors about how productive she had been that week.


    “Hey, Tina,” said Aubrey, one of her co-workers, on her way to the breakroom, “Want to join me for lunch?”


    “Sure,” she replied.  She was so busy she had forgotten about eating and her stomach suddenly growled at the thought of some food.  Aubrey reached over for a side-hug and Tina was hit with a scent that made her catch her breath.


    Oh sweet Jesus, that is the fragrance Bette was wearing that night…


    “Hey, I noticed you haven’t worn earrings all week.  Weird.  Is there a particular reason?”


    “Ummm no,” Tina lied, suddenly brought back to the present moment, “well, yes.  I have an infection in one of my earlobes and can’t wear just one, ya know?”




    “I know, sorry.  But you did ask,” Tina quipped.


    “A decision I am regretting now,” Aubrey smiled.


    Just then, Tina’s phone rang.  She grabbed it quickly, looking at the caller ID.  Hmmm I don’t recognize that number – maybe a new client?  She answered in her most professional voice, “This is Tina Kennard.”


    “Ms. Kennard, this is Bette Porter.”


    Holy shit.  “Oh, Ms. Porter… he- hello,” Tina stammered.  Tina’s heart stopped beating in her chest at the sound of Bette’s silky voice.


    “I wanted to ask you if you have dinner plans this evening?  If not would you care to join me?” Bette asked, very hopeful.


    “Yes,” was all Tina could manage, her face suddenly a bright pink.  Aubrey took notice.


    I am in so much trouble.

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    1. My, my, Christina, you just let me begging for more, right now, wishing so much to read about this first dinner with Bette. the so irresitible charmer ! Sure I’m not the only one to want more : what do you think, ladies ? ;-)

    2. Hahaha….Tina was so ready to answer that dinner invite….YES!!!!
      Love the filler too. Going after a straight girl/woman can be tricky…lots of downfalls, but Bette has the charm and Swag to pull it off! :)

      Thanks for TINA’s POV…

      Looking forward to the next!

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