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    Tibette Filler (Season 6 Episode 2)

    Bette really enjoyed when Tina took control in the bedroom; she was absolutely loving this new assertive side of Tina, and it turned her on to no end.  Although she initiated this round of love making, Tina quickly took the lead by removing Bette’s leopard print blouse and throwing her onto the bed.


    It only took a moment for Tina to climb on top and establish dominance.  She quickly moved her hand into the hem of Bette’s skirt and began stroking Bette’s throbbing pussy with fervor.  This caused Bette’s eyes to roll back in her head and her body to go completely limp, making her putty in Tina’s capable hands.  It so turned Tina on knowing she could elicit such a response from her much sought-after lover.  The sex they shared after getting back together was so much more intense, fiery and exciting than it had ever been before the break-up and pregnancy.  It was like they were switching roles: Tina was invigorated by her ability to dominate, and Bette really liked taking the backseat and seeing what Tina would do to her.


    Bette closed her eyes and let the waves of pleasure wash over her as Tina touched her in all the right places.  She was powerless to move underneath the weight of Tina’s body pressed against hers, so she couldn’t help but moan.  Bette whispered, almost whimpering, “Tina, fuck me.  Oh my God.  Oh my fucking God.”


    This remark elicited a contented half sigh/laugh from Tina and she kissed Bette on the neck, breathing heavily on her ear as she entered her with two fingers.  She skillfully touched Bette in all the right places, with just enough pressure and exactly how she knew her lover liked it.  That was just the thing, too.  Bette was HER lover, hers and nobody else’s.  They belonged together, they fit together, and they complemented one another – they always had.  It was like they needed that time of separation to figure that out – and come back together even closer than either one of them thought possible.  No one could excite Bette or make her cum quite like Tina Kennard.  This thought made a wicked smirk come across Tina’s face, and she whispered into Bette’s ear,”Mmmmm I know you like it when I talk dirty, Bette.  Grind your pussy on my fingers…”

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    1. Yeah, sex scene in 6.02 is too short. But how i was glad when Tina get out from her awful dress in that part. And by the way – who is the hell choose attires for LH in s6 – because they were just ugly

    2. Oh WoW,

      So glad that i didn’t read this at work!!! That was hot!!!

      Their love scenes were to short on the show!

      I love how you are able to write about their deep love for each other, their connection!

      I didn’t like what they both wear that season, terrible!

      Christina, you are a gifted writer and i hope you will write so much more!

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