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    After the Kiss: Chapters 3 & 4 Nice and Easy

    Tina – Yeah … nice. (pause) And easy …

    Her friend chuckles.

    Meg – Easy? With all the fighting on the court?

    Tina – Well … you know … same lives … same backgrounds … same friends … no drama. Nice and easy.

    Meg – Uh-huh!

    She drinks her soda. Tina looks thoughtful while watching the men play.


    Tina’s apartment, night: Tina and Eric are watching television in her couch, the blonde ensconced in her boyfriend’s arms, hugging him around his waist. He kisses her head and she looks up with a smile.

    Eric – I like when you hug me.

    Tina – Me too.

    He gives her a small kiss and they continue to watch TV.


    West Hollywood bar, night: Bette and Alice are having drinks in a gay bar with a group of friends.

    Woman – I didn’t see you guys at The Planet this morning.

    Alice – She made me wake up at 9 am to jog! Can you believe that?!

    Woman – Not you, Bette!

    The brunette smirks and turns to Alice.

    Bette – Aren’t you the one who keeps falling for athletes?

    Alice – Well …

    Bette – 9 am is too late for them, my friend!

    She chuckles.


    Tina’s apartment, night: The movie has ended and Tina is napping in Eric’s arms.

    Eric – Hey, babe … time to go to bed.

    He stands up and holds her in his arms. She nuzzles his neck and is carried to the bedroom.

    He places her in bed and sits by her side, caressing her face.

    Eric – I’ll call you tomorrow?

    Tina – Stay …

    He grins.

    Eric – OK.

    He gives her a kiss on the lips.

    Tina – Can we … just sleep tonight?

    Eric – Sure.

    He smiles.


    Bette’s bedroom, night: Bette leaves the bathroom in her pajamas and lies in bed. She sighs and looks thoughtful, a soft smile appearing on her face.


    Flashback, The Bette Porter Gallery, morning:

    Bette: I could’ve sworn I watched you put this back on.

    [They stand very close. Tina smiles, and goes to take the earring. Instead, Bette gently closes her hand on Tina’s and leans in to kiss her. The kiss is sweet and simple, but conveys enough steam to leave Tina blushing when it’s over. Bette smiles and Tina takes her earring.]



    Tina’s bedroom, late night: Tina and Eric are lying in bed, the blonde looking at him in the dark while he sleeps.


    Flashback, LA sports club, morning: Meg and Tina are talking in the tennis court stands.

    Meg – it’s just nice … the four of us. Isn’t it?

    Tina nods.

    Tina – Yeah … nice. (pause) And easy …


    She lifts his arm and slides in closer.  He hugs her without waking up and she closes her eyes with a sigh, holding on to him tightly, as if she is afraid to let him go.


    LA restaurant, afternoon: Eric and Tina are having lunch at a fancy restaurant.

    Eric – I forgot to tell you that we received an invitation for a party at David Ross’ home next week.

    Tina – We?!

    Eric – He invited both of us.

    She frowns.

    Tina – Isn’t he that big shot art dealer that you keep talking about?

    Eric – Yes! He hosts great parties! We will have a good time.

    Tina – I don’t even know him. How did he invite me?

    Eric – Somehow, he knew that I have a girlfriend named Tina. Bette Porter must have told him. They are close friends.

    He takes a sip of wine.

    She presses her lips together.  

    Tina – I’m not going to this party.

    She takes a gulp of her wine.

    He frowns.

    Eric – Why not? I already accepted the invitation. It’ll be fun!

    Tina – Uh … I … I have been very busy with the movie production. I won’t have any free time this week.

    He smiles and touches her hand across the table.

    Eric – Well … first of all, this is on Saturday, so I hope that you can at least take Saturday night off. And second, this is in that mansion that you saw in Architectural Digest, remember? The one that you said would be great for your next production?

    She raises her eyebrows.

    Tina – THE mansion?

    Eric – Yes, it is his home. You are not going to miss the opportunity to check it out, are you?

    She sighs.

    Tina – We’ll see …

    She continues to eat her food looking concerned.


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    1. I like this story. Tina is beginning to see her dissatisfaction with Eric. And Meg? She wants Tina to marry someone to be friends with her husband so she can have time to talk to her BFF? That’s a bit selfish isn’t it? Hopefully Meg is a better friend than that. Well can’t wait to see how this acquaintance between Bette and Tina goes.

      Great chapters …hungry for more.

    2. Hi dbff!

      So glad you’re picking up this story again! I definitely remember it and can recall what happens at the party but I can’t remember if the entire story was finished or not. Anyways, can’t wait for the next posts!!

    3. Hi Dbff:

      Wonderful story, and a very nice chapter.

      I see how hard Tina is fighting her homosexuality and attraction for Bette, that happens many, many times, and can go good for open-mind people who decide to live their lives and be honest with themselves without hiding from the rest of the world, and it can go bad for the ones who decide to live a double life or even worst to fight the ones that had the strength of coming-out.

      Anyway, Tina is in a ‘spiral collision course’ with her destiny, the future love of her life.

      Nice move Bette, so smart to invite Eric and Tina, Bette is cornering the blonde, and let’s see or rather, read what you will write in your next chapter.

      Very nice DBFF, please post soon.


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