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    Awkward Confrontation

    Michelle’s smile slowly falls as she lets her hand slip from Tina’s grip. She glances at Alice, who gently shrugs.

    Michelle turns her gaze back to Tina. ”Well… I guess that answers the question as to why my wife is so thrown off her game…” she says as she looks down at the little girl with the headful of curls who is busy with her coloring project.

    Alice looks back and forth as Tina and Michelle lock their eyes. She once again squirms in her seat.

    A few beats pass before a waitress walks over. ”Here you are…. cheeseburger and fries….” The waitress says as she sets the plate in front of Angelica.

    Angie pushes her picture out of the way. ”Yay….”

    The adults watch as Angie begins to dig into her food, and then everyone’s attention turns to the entrance when Bette steps back inside.

    Tina watches as Michelle walks away and hurries over to Bette. She then looks away and leans over to kiss her little girl’s head…



    Bette slides her hands into her pockets as she watches her wife approach her.

    ”Baby…” Michelle symptomatically says as she brings Bette in for a hug.

    Bette hugs her wife tightly around the waist.

    ”What do you need from me right now?” Michelle quietly asks.

    Bette pulls away a bit and shrugs. ”I honestly don’t know……”

    Michelle cups Bette’s face and wipes away her tears with her thumbs. ”Just say the word, and I’ll go get Mickey, and we’ll go home. I’m sure everyone will understand….”

    Bette gently nods. ”I think that may be best….”

    Michelle gently nods. ”K…”

    Bette pecks Michelle on the lips. ”Just give me a second…” She gives her wife one last kiss before she walks away…





    Tina grabs a few napkins and wipes crumbs from Angelica’s face. ”You need to slow down, Angel…” she says with a gentle smile. She then looks up and gulps when she locks eyes with Bette again, who’s slowly strolling towards her.

    Once Bette finally makes it over to the table, a few beats pass before Tina breaks the silence.

    ”Hello, Bette….” she quietly greets.

    Bette’s only response to Tina is a long, unforgiving glare. She then drags her eyes away from Tina and looks down at the child she’s been dreaming about meeting for six years.


    1. Hola no esperaba que bette saliera así la verdad pense que ivan a hablar esta versión me gusta más porque no van a hablar de una vez sino que van a pasar muchas cosas para que hablen me encanta desde ya esta nueva versión.

    2. Browneyedgirl28 glad you are back. love your stories……

      Don’t understand Bette’s attitude, since she is the one who stepped out on Tina, Bette has moved on and has a new family!!! Will enjoy as more chapters posted..

    3. This story is significantly different from the previous version. It’s litterally a brand new story. I can see why Bette is upset. Angie is Bette’s child. And regardless of what caused Tina to bolt and leave town and end their relationship, she has a duty to allow Bette to know her child. If they had been a hetero-couple, that would have been the expected norm. And the fact that both of them go on to have new spouses and children does not erase that obligation.

      Thanks for the chapter…. cannot wait for the next one.

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