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    Bandit, Cash and Colbie

    Tina woke up with the biggest smile on her face. She rolled onto her back and stared at the ceiling. She looked over at the spot Bette had occupied about an hour or so ago. She smiled as she remembered how Bette pulled her tiny frame into her warm body. Tina prided herself on being fit but Bette was strong. And Tina loved when Bette wrapped her up into her arms. She loved how safe she felt. Tina hugged herself pretending her arms were Bette’s arms. She opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling.

    “You’re ridiculous,” she said out loud as she continued holding herself.

    Tina’s Journal Entry #18
    Yesterday was nice. Spending most of the day with Bette. The date.
    The movie. The cuddles. The conversation. All of it was overwhelming
    but in a good way. It was the first time in a very long time I felt
    us being us. I can’t believe Bette climbed into bed with me. I was so
    nervous and overwhelmed. She was so close. I’m glad she was wearing
    pajamas. I don’t think I would’ve survived if her bare legs rubbed up
    against my bare legs. Thinking about it right now is making me wet.
    She has always had this insane effect on me. She does things to me
    without even trying. Though last night I think she was…trying. And
    she succeeded. I completely melted when she pulled me into her. I felt
    so safe. I felt protected. I felt…LOVED. For the first time in a very
    long time, I felt loved by Bette. And it was amazing. Being loved by
    Bette is one of the best feelings in the world. I’m determined to regain
    her trust and her whole heart. After everything, we still fit together.
    Perfectly. Our souls are meant for each other. I love her so much. 

    Tina hugged herself again. And rolled her eyes…again.

    Tina: What r u doing?
    Alice: Sleeping

    “Me texting back I was sleeping signaled for you to call me,” Alice mumbled into the phone.

    Tina giggled. 

    “You wouldn’t have texted back if you were truly asleep.”

    Alice grunted.

    “What do you want?”

    “Meet me at the park.”




    “Why not?” Tina whined.

    Tina imagined Alice opening one eye and waiting until it adjusted and then seeing the time.

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    1. Nice date…. just how much longer of this closeness can they do without allowing themselves the intimacy of actually being together? Time to commit! Time to put the past into the past and go forward….

      Thanks for the chapter… looking forward to more.

    2. Wow…. That was hot!

      I think Bette has tutured Tina enough. And Tina has learned her lesson. They should move forward already.
      I love this story. Please keep writing. Thank you so much

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