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    Bandit, Cash and Colbie

    “Yes, please,” Tina said. 

    Tina noticed Bette was wearing a tank top and pajama shorts.

    Shit, Tina thought. 

    Bette contemplated whether to wear her full pajamas or the shorts. She opted for the shorts because she wanted to be able to feel as much of Tina’s body as possible. 

    Bette climbed in behind Tina. She was about to pull her in when Tina rolled over. They stared at each other.

    One heartbeat.

    Two heartbeats.

    Three heartbeats.

    Four heartbeats.

    Five heartbeats.

    “You owe me a massage,” Tina finally said. 

    Bette cleared her throat.

    “You…want it…now?” Bette asked slowly. 

    “Yes, I want it now,” Tina said.

    I want you now, Tina thought. 

    “Umm..oh..ohkay. Roll over onto your stomach.”

    Bette got out of bed and retrieved the lavender massage oil from the drugstore she called a closet in the bathroom. When she returned, Tina was lying on her stomach. She had taken off the sweatshirt. Bette licked her lips as she looked at Tina’s back. She could see the muscles. She looked amazing.

    Bette sat on Tina’s ass. Tina clenched her buttocks at the initial contact. Then she released causing Bette’s clit to jump.

    Fuhh, Bette thought. 

    Bette drizzled the oil onto Tina’s back. 

    “Mmmm,” Tina moaned. 

    Bette closed her eyes and steadied herself. She took a deep breath and exhaled. Then she began to run her hands up and down Tina’s back, spreading the oil all over. She pulled Tina’s shorts down just a little to expose her lower back. She put her thumbs on either side of Tina’s spine and started to knead her way from the top of Tina’s ass to the base of her neck.

    “That feels so good,” Tina whispered.

    Bette smiled. 

    Bette rubbed and kneaded and pushed on every inch of Tina’s back. Tina would moan or give encouragement each time Bette touched a sensitive spot.

    “Yes, riiight there. Mmmmm.”
    “Fuck, that feels so fucking good.”
    “A little harder.”
    “Oh Oh ahhh.”
    “Oh God.”

    By the time Bette was done, Tina was spent. It felt like she’d had multiple orgasms without the actual orgasms. Bette’s hands were magic. 

    “All done,” Bette whispered into Tina’s ear. 

    “That was amazing. Thank you.”

    Bette climbed off of Tina’s ass and went to put the lavender oil back. When she returned, Tina had already put her sweatshirt back on and was staring at the ceiling. They locked eyes as Bette climbed over her. Tina turned to face Bette.

    One heartbeat.

    Two heartbeats.

    Three heartbeats.

    Bette scooted down and found her place under Tina’s chin. Their legs and arms interlocked. Their bodies knew what to do even if they were uncertain. 

    “Goodnight, Bette.”


    Bette scooted in closer. 


    1. Nice date…. just how much longer of this closeness can they do without allowing themselves the intimacy of actually being together? Time to commit! Time to put the past into the past and go forward….

      Thanks for the chapter… looking forward to more.

    2. Wow…. That was hot!

      I think Bette has tutured Tina enough. And Tina has learned her lesson. They should move forward already.
      I love this story. Please keep writing. Thank you so much

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