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    Can we get it back – Chapter 2

    “What about Felicity?” Shane asks.

    “She’s a dear friend and she helped me after Kit died and we had something, but for me, it was less than it was for her. I didn’t fall in love with her. I love her like a friend and we had a good time. And I will forever be grateful for that, but that was it for me. I hurt her also. Because she fell in love with me, but it isn’t fare to her, to continue, when I know my feelings towards her won’t change.” Bette says.

    “Yeah…” Shane agrees. “Will you be okay? Angie is home any second, so I’ll head out.” Shane says.

    “Yeah, yeah, I’ll be fine. Thank you for this evening.” Bette says and brings Shane back in for a big warm hug. “Thank you” She adds once more whispering.

    “Anytime.” Shane replies.

    Shane leaves and 10 minutes later Angie walks through the door.

    “MOM, I’m home.” She shouts out.

    “In the kitchen sweetie” Bette calls back.

    Angie comes through slowly. She looks at her mom carefully. Bette is busy making a cup of tea.

    “You want tea sweetie?” Bette asks without looking up, unsure if she’ll break if she looks at Angie yet.

    “No, I’m good. But I am a little hungry, do we have something to eat?” Angie asks.

    “We have a frozen pizza in the freezer, you can put that on if you want?” Bette replies.

    “Okay, do you want also?” Angie asks as she walks over to the freezer and takes the pizza out.

    “Sure, I’ll have a slize.” Bette says and turns and looks at Angie with a smile. “So, how’s Jordi?” She asks.

    “She’s good, we’re good.” Angie replies as she turns the oven on and prepping the pizza for when the oven is ready.

    “Good, that’s good. I’m warming up to her.” Bette says with a smile.

    “Yeah I got her to stop with the vaping also. So, nothing illegal going on now.” Angie says with a smile towards her mama B.

    “That’s good Ang.” Bette agrees. “I don’t ever want you to do that again. Please promise me?” Bette asks worriedly.

    “I promise.” Angie replies sincerely.

    “Good. Thank you. I love you, you know. I don’t want anything to happen to you.” Bette adds.

    “I know mom.” Angie says and continues. “Same goes for you.” She looks carefully at her mama B.

    Bette puts her head down for a moment and closes her eyes. “Should I tell her?” She thinks. She decides that she has to be honest with her daughter.

    “Let’s get this pizza in the oven, and then we can talk while we eat. Sound ok?” Bette asks.

    “Sure, okay, good.” Angie agrees.

    It takes about 20 minutes until the pizza is ready. In meantime Angie has been upstairs and changed into more comfortable clothes. Bette is just putting the pizza onto the table when Angie comes in.

    “Can you get two glasses sweetie?” Bette asks.

    “Sure. What do you want to drink?” Angie asks.

    “I think there is some apple juice in the fridge. I’ll have that.” Bette replies as she sits down and waits for Angie. She walks over with the glasses and juice. She sits down and takes a slice onto her plate. Bette hesitates a little. Angie senses that her mama B is scared of what to come next.

    “Angie, there is something I need to tell you.” Bette starts.

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    1. OMG….poor Bette. Hope Angie doesn’t fall apart. But you can count on Angie taking the news to Tina. Then, how will she react? Hope this is something treatable.

      Great drama and an unexpected plot line. Great writing… Can’t wait for the next chapter.

      This was a very emotional chapter. The greater the emotion, the higher I rate the story. This deserves more than five stars…. Thank you.

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