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    Can we get it back – Chapter 29

    Chapter 29

    After their little talk on the couch. Angie went up to her room to pack a little overnight bag and she called Jordi to just make sure it was okay to stay the night. She had explained the situation and Jordi off course wanted her there.

    Bette was not feeling too good today so she would order dinner and not make it. She didn’t want Tina to make it either today. Tonight was about relaxing and tackle the hair-situation. She had called Shane once more to make sure and to tell her that she wanted the dinner with Tina first and that she would text her when she could come over. She wanted to talk to Tina about it first. Wanted to prepare her first in a way.

    Time flies by and it’s time to order dinner so it will be here around the time Tina will be home.

    She quickly set the table and then calls Tina to check in.

    “Hi Tee. Are you far out?” Bette asks.

    “Actually no, I’m 5 minutes out. I was able to leave 15 minutes before. We finished little earlier. So I’ll see you soon.” Tina replies.

    “See you soon.” Bette says and hangs up. “Perfect.” Food would arrive just in time then. A few minutes after Tina. 5 minutes later on the dot, Tina walks through the door.

    “Honey, I’m home.” She calls out with a chuckle.

    Bette slowly walks towards the front entrance to greet her.

    “Hi Tee.” She says as she leans in for a sweet kiss. “I’ve missed you.” She adds and pulls her into a warm hug.

    “Oh, this I’ve missed you also.” Tina whispers back and squeezes a little extra. “How are you feeling? How’s your day been?” Tina asks as she takes off her jacket and hang it up by the door. She then takes Bette’s hand and they walk into the livingroom and sit down.

    “The food will be here in a few minutes. My day has been okay. I’ve not felt too good today. Total lack of energy and I’ve pretty much stayed on the couch all day.” Bette replies.

    “Please say you haven’t skipped any meals?” Tina asks worriedly.

    “No, I have eaten. I had a toast for lunch, easy and nice. And I’ve had plenty of water through the day.” Bette replies with a smile.

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    1. Well, its done. Bette now has no hair. I think she is going to be surprised at how quickly it comes back. She’s been wearing a cap. She can continue to do that. There will be a few advantages… less time to take a shower…less time on preparing to go out….saves money on hair products for a while. I know that going through this is painful… but this is not permanent….Tina loves her, Angie loves her. and she is not alone….

      Thanks for the chapter.

    2. Poor Bette and i loved Tina’s reaction and how she told Shane about Bette’s feeling losing her hair: “Her hair is her signature as she calls it. It’s one of her dominant features, so it’s understandable that loosing that is like loosing part of your identity. And she’s scared that will change her, I guess. She did not come out and say that, but I know her. This is a big thing. But I love her. I’ll help her through it.”

      Tina is a real support for Bette and shows her commitment through words and actions.

      Thank you for another chapter! Stay save and healthy!

    3. This is very heartbreaking. And for anyone who has been through this themselves or with a loved one – realistic. Bette Porter is a stunningly beautiful woman. Her hair is a big part of who she is. That’s simply the reality. And that is okay. The next several months will not be easy for Bette. And there will be more tests. And a rightful fear of reoccurrence. Bette is naturally prone to introspective and is going to need a lot of ego boosting and emotional support. Tina needs to be present for Bette as much as humanly possible. Both Tina and Angie need to do some extra special things to help Bette. Also – to my mind Bette is alone too much. Tina needs to make certain she demonstrates the everlasting love she professes every hour of every day. Bette needs her. Be creative. She has already stepped up to the plate with Bette but this is a crucial time. Do not let Bette shut down. Maybe get her out of the house a bit? I still say make a wig from her hair. Shane can get it done. That really is very helpful. Thanks for posting.

    4. Nicely written Chapter.
      Tina’s support is good and she can do a lot to help Bette cope. Good that Shane has some experience dealing with this and she is right that when hair grows back it is often better than before, different but better.

      Thanks for posting look forward to more, please.

      Stay safe and well.

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